More #CryptoCurrency Shenanigans By Josh Garza

The domain was purchased by Josh Garza for a million dollars. He then made an agreement with bitcoinist which put bitcoinist in charge of content on the btc website. Garza, once again, failed to deliver what he promised when he didn’t make payments on the website. The press release below is from bitcoinist.

But don’t worry, Josh is now part of CPIG which is working as a guiding light to the “future of cryptocurrency and overcome negative impact of high-visibility public failures within an unstable category.”

I’m thinking Josh could best serve the future of cryptocurrency by throwing away his computer and getting a job at Walmart.

Link to original post is here

Due to extenuating circumstances Bitcoinist LTD. will no longer be operating
Bitcoinist LTD and GAW Miners LLC had a long term license contract for the domain – on a revenue sharing model basis. There was to be no content control or input for GAW Miners LLC.
As it follows, GAW Miners LLC has been violating our contract by not paying the original lease of the domain that has lead to the loss of the domain.
Bitcoinist LTD. made an unfortunate business decision when we agreed on the domain licensing with GAW Miners LLC, by not following the obvious signs that GAW Miners LLC is in financial trouble. During the development period, we realized our mistake but licensing one of the industries most expensive domains gave us enough inspiration to keep on trying and find a way to make it work.
We spent a large amount time and money on development, advertising and the losing of is a huge disappointment. Regardless, Bitcoinist will continue as a premier Bitcoin news site.
Bitcoinist LTD was negotiating with Josh Garza in late 2014 regarding a share purchase, but the investment company was not able to fulfill all the requirements. Therefor, Bitcoinist LTD remains under the original ownership. Thus, Josh Garza and the investment company have no further relationship or potential ownership with Bitcoinist LTD. According to the current situation Bitcoinist, LTD. is seeking legal advice and take further actions against GAW Miners LLC.
Thank you for your support.
Bitcoinist Team