Oops! Million Dollar CPIG Web Domain Is Missing! More #Cryptocurrency Conundrums

In August of last year Josh Garza paid a million dollars for the BTC.com website. Today the website disappeared.

Coincidentally, also today was the launch of reservations for the new CoinCard credit card by CPIG. That site is also MIA. 

These strange happenings could be a repeat of Garza once again changing his mind or Garza once again finding he can’t deliver what he’s promised. Or my hope, that the SEC stepped in and told him to stop.

The website for taking coincard reservations sold out pretty quickly which is odd since only reservations were being taken at this time. The actual card wasn’t scheduled to come out until July.

Another domain owned by CPIG is reservecoincard, notice it redirects to wix.com.

Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s hilarious that CPIG, dealing with multi millions of dollars used a website to build a free website. But it gives a clue that grey-stonellc.com is the registered business behind CPIG.