So You Ordered A CoinCard From CPIG…On An Unsecured WordPress Site?

Don’t get me wrong, I like WordPress, it’s easy to use and customize. Obviously CPIG has a membership at and Wix and uses it for the CPIG websites. That’s cheap but not a good idea. 

If I were part of a super secret private investor group dealing with millions of dollars and promoting a credit card globally I would have hired someone to do a custom job. I wouldn’t use WordPress, I wouldn’t expect my customers to put their personal information or banking info on an unsecured site. I wouldn’t ask them to make a financial transaction on an unsecured site. But then, I wouldn’t be having them pay in advance for the dubious privilege of reserving a credit card that won’t even be available for months…if ever.
I don’t know which makes me shake my head more, the audacity of Josh Garza to keep coming up with new shady schemes while he’s being investigated by the SEC. Or the gullibility of people who keep forgiving him and giving him money.

There really is truth to the saying that there’s a sucker born every minute.
This was the way the CoinCard site looked while it was still operating. 

This is the entrance area to the administration of the OrderCoinCard website. An unsecured credit card site would be a prime candidate for many hackers who have the tools and skillz to get into the site.

 Here’s a google cache of the themify wordpress theme. Clicking on one of the screen captures will open up an enlarged gallery of all the caps.