Josh Garza Says Good Bye.. For Now. #GarzaGate #Cryptocurrency

This message was left Thursday evening by MrCeo aka Josh Garza on his website, You’ll notice he makes absolutely no mention that he’s the subject of an SEC investigation. Or that the SEC investigation was made public at the same time he says the value of Paycoin started to drop. He also doesn’t mention reneging on payment for his million dollar website which went offline yesterday (May 28th).

The short version of his screed is that it’s not his fault and people are mean.

  Good Bye…..For Now

It’s time to say good-bye. Good-bye to Paycoin and to the “leaders” of what can only be described as the now “tainted” Paycoin. While saying good bye is the end of involvement in the management of Paycoin, it’s NOT goodbye to Paycoin loyalists and investors.

Sadly, since the hijacking, extortion and subsequent theft of all the Paycoin controllers, the strength and value of Paycoin has only gone one place: down. It’s been weakened. Terribly. Since the end of January / beginning of February the value has one from well over $1.00, closer to $2.00 to just over $0.10. Wow.

I haven’t been involved in Paycoin, at all, in about a month…maybe longer.

The hijacking and subsequent extortion of Paycoin was done with the intent of decentralizing the coin. Not a bad intention, something had I been involved, would have agreed. But if one were to look now, the Paycoin Foundation is managing all the Paycoin Prime Controllers. How did that happen? How did they end up with just about all of them? Where is the “paper trail” that legitimizes their possession? Does anyone that is standing by this really care? (Asked rhetorically). I guess to some, apparently many, this is a version of being decentralized being managed by a single entity. But the “advocates” are good with that. Defies logic.

Today’s Paycoin is akin to blood diamonds (save for the lives lost), stolen from their rightful owners…investors, GAW and others. This method of operation has been extended to Mineral, which has also been hijacked…stolen by a “trusted” member of the community. And there was a requested vote by the thief as to what to do with Mineral. Imagine voting on what to do with the millions of dollars in jewelry obtained by the Pink Panthers. Who does that? People with zero integrity. People with no boundaries.

There is no integrity whatsoever in Paycoin in its current state. None. And what of those former employees of GAW who now are involved? None.

I’ve been called a scammer. A fraud. And so much more. My family threatened. Violated in ways unimaginable. But many are good with that…mostly a former senior manager and interim CEO at GAW who trolled us, then joined us, stood next to us and then aided those that stole from us.

But it’s all good, as many wish to stand next these folks. Have at it.

If I were a scammer, a fraud, do you really think I would stick around and subject myself to the abuse as I have? Put my family through it? Trying to salvage something that I hoped would be a game changer? Something that could help change the way we conduct business both personally and commercially? These are questions I am sure many are afraid to ask, as the truth is obvious but hard to admit. For many involved in this underhandedness it would appear that being right is way more important for those individuals than being happy; happiness clearly eludes them.

Whether wrong or right in what was alleged, it seems there is a consensus that feels by doing wrong will make all things right. That NEVER happens. In fact, they are doing the same things as has been alleged that GAW did. As I said earlier, Paycoin is tainted like blood diamonds. Led by hypocrites.

I have stayed in this, as I have wanted to make things right for the investors of Paycoin as well as those that have stood by us…by me. And I will continue to do that, however I can. My goal…our goal was to foster adoption and utility of cryptocurrencies. The intention of Paycoin was just that. And I will continue towards fulfilling that goal.

I continue to look for way to make it right for our investors. But not everyone will be happy. I / we will try and do the best we can towards that end. I am not abandoning Paycoin, but going forward will have nothing to do with the leadership of Paycoin. I haven’t in over a month. And it’s just been in a downward spiral since being hijacked, stolen and extorted.

Perhaps that has to do with fact that these “leaders” simply don’t have the collective brainpower to realize the mission…the vision that was seen and started by others than themselves. That usually happens; when the vision or idea of another is stolen, the thieves are typically not successful in making those plans come to fruition. That seems to be happening with Paycoin.

All that said, I can not keep a single investor interested in Paycoin initiatives. They know my background, but as soon as they learn of the leaders, prime controllers, and a community that seems to largely be ok with stuff like this happening, They don’t want to risk their investment being taken from a “community” leader to only find the community be largely ok with it. Honestly, I cant blame them.

The funding was pulled from Paybase Redux, all the beta customers have been refunded. I have paid for CoinStand two times once to Adam, then to Phil. Two times is one too many.

I can not speak to coin card with any authority, but that seems to still be on track.

I have no good news to report today, just the truth. All hope is not gone. We have been diligently working with a firm to take back what was taken. This would restore investor confidence and get things moving again. So for now, it has to be the focus.

Some interesting times are ahead.