Former Maryland District Attorney And ClownSec Official Appointed Anonymous Leader

Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney Marcie Sweren Wogan, who only last week was appointed to ClownSec has now become leader of Anonymous. 

Though scheduled to appear in a Florida court on June 16th in connection with an injunction against criminal stalking, Ms Wogan has been focused on diverting attention to her short career as a Maryland Deputy District Attorney.

A more noteworthy accomplishment in Ms Wogan’s career has been her 10 year internet crusade against everyone she thinks might be a criminal and against anyone she doesn’t like. Leaving many comments on various forums and websites as well as writing her own multitude of blogs (Marcie is Beautiful and Gorgeous Marcie Wogan are just a few of them); as well as impersonating other people while catfishing on Twitter and Craigslist, Ms Wogan has bravely and obsessively waged her web war against internet evil doers including a 3 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.

In the tweets below, Ms Wogan practices her opening arguments for the court hearing on June 16th by presenting evidence of her fight against bad people twenty years ago. Marcie also calls upon Anonymous to break their shackles of fear and rally around her, to join with her as she continues her fight against toddlers to save babies and kitties. 

So rise, Anonymous, rise! 

And please BYOB. Marcie is beautiful but she doesn’t share.

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