Former Maryland District Attorney Resigns From Anonymous, Leaves Twitter

In a surprising but perhaps strategic move, Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney, Marcie Sweren Wogan, who recently became Leader Of Anonymous, has closed her Twitter account and resigned from her lofty positions in Anonymous and ClownSec.

Sources suspect Ms Wogan has finally been served with a subpoena ordering her to appear in a Florida court to answer to cyber stalking charges. Though Ms Wogan was notified of the subpoena via email and has publicly acknowledged she’s aware of the subpoena, Ms Wogan insists on being properly served. As a former Maryland Deputy District Attorney, Marcie is very much into following the letter of the law though not so much the spirit of the law. 

No longer having the legions of Anonymous at her beck and call, Ms Wogan may be attempting to avoid any further activities that could be construed as harassment or cyber stalking. Though it’s just as likely she’s working on more libel blogs and sock puppets to continue her life’s purpose of protecting the world from people she doesn’t like.

Our sources tell us Ms Wogan disappeared from Twitter in the wee hours of Thursday morning. She was last seen in the company of Jack Daniels during last call at her neighborhood pub. Ms Wogan could not be reached for comment this morning but we will try to reach her during happy hour.

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