The Immigration Solution By #Potatriots

Apparently we’re at war with Mexico.

Paul Kent ‏@kentpg 24h24 hours ago
Court Ruling Could Shut Down Detention Centers for Illegal Immigrants

Paul Doreika ‏@pdoreika 24h24 hours ago
@kentpg @SCOOPNJ78 #Aliensfromoutterspace abscond with people ALL THE TIME? Why can’t a #closeencounter take ALL #illegals at once?

@pdoreika @kentpg we can stop the surge at Mexican border get a bunch of 2A supporters line the border & take target practice defending USA
6:02 PM – 8 Jun 2015

Paul Doreika ‏@pdoreika 16h16 hours ago
@SCOOPNJ78 @kentpg You know as well as I that @CNN and @msnbc would LOVE that. #America lovers keeping people from the #American dream.

Paul Doreika ‏@pdoreika 16h16 hours ago
@SCOOPNJ78 @kentpg It’s ONLY a matter of time before anyone who interferes with a bank robbery is “Keeping people from their money.”

Paul Doreika ‏@pdoreika 16h16 hours ago
@SCOOPNJ78 @kentpg In this #Liberal world turned upside down the #goodguys are the bad ones and vice versa. Our #nightmare is their #dream