Tami Tweets To Tommy; November, 2013

Tami Vaher tweets with Thomas Retzlaff the serial stalker on November 25th, 2013

@StopBullyville Were you the same one who gave me a different name in DM?

@StopBullyville That’s not the name he gave me. Roy?

@StopBullyville ah, ok. Those were the names.
@StopBullyville can it get any more confusing? lol.

@StopBullyville I don’t have a lot of luck with DMs. They usually say the person is not following me. It sucks.

@StopBullyville did u see a certain someone said you tweet because he wouldn’t help u attack someone & ur a stalker? And that u don’t

@StopBullyville care about Kate, just getting back at him. That’s how he got the mass spamblock to happen

@StopBullyville At one time I think he did guess I was you.

@StopBullyville doesn’t make sense he said he got the guy’s IP yet did nothing about it? That wouldn’t happen

@StopBullyville he also thinks everyone is Marcie or Neal

@StopBullyville @ashymama2 CapO & Priest could be just pissed to be called someone so REPULSIVE in looks & have such a black heart….

@StopBullyville @ashymama2 CJ is the female version of James, both socially awkward turds who get their kicks from terrifying others.

@StopBullyville @Sarelya23 That’s true. I have fans because of her. At her expense? I wonder

@StopBullyville @Sarelya23 I would be sick of it myself. I see a confrontation if I met her in person. And I don’t back down. A war of words

RT @StopBullyville: @Bullyvill3  Lets get #BullyvilleBullies trending! #BullyvilleBullies #BullyVilleBullies #BullyVilleBullies