More Momma Drama #Potatriots

I’ve been hearing from Conservatives who defend GOPMommy’s behavior in the “discussion” she had with Vegaslights, a 13 year old girl. Her defenders are saying I was set up to get involved, that GOPMommy wasn’t responsible for what other people said to the girl and that GOPMommy defended the girl when she found out she was a minor. 


I had assorted timelines in front of me at the time. GOPMommy was made aware of the child’s age but continued mocking her. At least 24 accounts joined GOPMommy in bashing that kid. When the conversation turned to the minor’s breasts GOPMommy did nothing to change the subject or defend the child. It wasn’t until someone asked Vegaslights if she enjoyed being anally raped that GOPMommy finally spoke up.

No, GOPMommy isn’t responsible for what other people do but she is responsible for what she creates and what she incites. She prides herself on her ability to use mockery, snark, weak humor and grade school logic to promote her brand of “Feminism” apparently thinking her crusade on Twitter will change the world.

So naturally upon encountering a 13 year old girl still in the early stages of becoming a woman she thought mocking and berating her into silence would be a good lesson in Feminism. Subjugation is the Michele Duggar brand of feminism. That’s not going to appeal to most women and certainly not a teenage girl even a “pot smoking, boyfriend making out with, kid.” I love how you defended that child, you are so brave.

Ranting that I doxed you doesn’t work either. Your husband posted your information in 2010. You may not be able to change your birth name but you’ve had years to change your screen name if you thought you were in mortal danger and years to create a new persona or delete any references to who you really are. And your identity has never been a secret. So the advice you gave that minor girl after someone asked her to show her tits is ironically appropriate advice for you:

Quit playing victim, nobody knows your age, get off twitter if you’re afraid of everything.

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

Quit playing victim, nobody knows your age, get off twitter if you’re afraid of everything. @vegasIights@skywarp14 @gigg423 @Blaknsam

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

My classes for feminists are a public service to make the world a better place. You’re welcome, world.

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

“Ummmmm, it’s *literally* illegal for you to say that to me cuz I’m a post smoking, boyfriend making out with kid. @gigg423 @AuburnJulia

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

@AuburnJulia @trainerd2000 @Polarinski@vegasIights @gigg423 Mwhahahaha! I love your humor @AuburnJulia

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

It’s my performance art. Or something. 🙂

Jace @jace_2476

@GOPMommy @vegasIights @skywarp14 @gigg423@Blaknsam the greatness here is that GOPMommy is able to mine so much humor from the humorless

 Retweeted by IndecipherableNuance

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

You two are psycho. You’re want to call someone’s workplace over rude WORDS? GTFO, special snowflakes. @vegasIights @skywarp14 @smittie61984

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

It’s the Caruso/Strohl group. They have “issues” & think harassment is okay. Block & ignore. @smittie61984 @gigg423 @hihereisaname

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

@chadfelixg @/vegasIights @Blaknsam Really?

IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy

@gigg423 @AuburnJulia Yup, not too bad. Volunteered, played with the kids, had a water balloon fight. You know, the usual. 😉

One thought on “More Momma Drama #Potatriots

  1. Gee as the self appointed all seeing eye of the Twitter Justice League, I'd hope you'd consider that gopmommy night be going back and forth between several threads she follows around 1,200 people and certain things might take a little while to pop up in her mentions. Maybe she started to defend the \”minor\” when she saw the claim, not necessarily when it was made. You see, communication requires that the message not only be sent but that it be received, oh mighty crusader of Twitter justice. What really interests me is how you've devoted not one, but two blogs to a person who has already deactivated her account. Moreover, it interests me that you're not rallying the Twitter mob with their virtual pitchforks and torches over the characters who sent the \”show us your titties\” and \”anally raped\” comments. Such stuff is apparently acceptable when directed at one who claims to be a minor as long as someone else started the conversation. Well, thank you, white knight for you valiant crusade for Twitter justice everywhere. Thank god for your tireless efforts to clean up the virtual mean streets of Twitter. Salute.

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