Former Maryland District Attorney Misses Court Date

Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney, Marcie Sweren Wogan, failed to show up for her restraining order hearing in Florida. This was a great disappointment to the crowd gathered on the court house steps hoping to get a glimpse of Ms Wogan, her legendary beauty and her Walmart weave.

Though law enforcement officers went to Ms Wogan’s home numerous times to serve the subpoena to appear in court, Ms Wogan was not available. A source close to Ms Wogan (Marcie herself) has reported that Wogan has been in Germany each time the police knocked on her door. 

Since becoming a member of ClownSec and then being promoted to Leader of Anonymous, Ms Wogan has been much in demand around the world so it’s understandable that former Deputy District Attorney Marcie Wogan wasn’t at home to be served. Her hearing to answer to charges of cyber-harassment has been rescheduled but as a world famous prosecutor, Wogan is a stickler for legal procedure and will not appear in court until someone sticks a subpoena in her liver spotted, clawlike hand.

You can’t avoid the cops forever Marcie, sooner or later you’re gonna see that subpoena.