Vinnie And Scooby Doo

UPDATE: This post was censored and removed by Google after a complaint filed by Vinnie Spina as part of a harassment campaign. 

We were not given notice or an opportunity to protest the censorship. We have a first amendment right to publish information of public interest on as established in Obsidian v Cox. 


Vincenza Spina’s website went missing last Friday, I guess she hadn’t paid her hosting bill, but it’s back now. I was browsing her site totally at random and couldn’t help noticing that besides being a malicious gossip, Vinnie also seems to have a misunderstanding on copyrights.  

I notice she uses photos that say “courtesy Bravo TV”, it’s nice she gives credit to the source but that’s not really permission, it’s copyright infringement.

Vinnie also has quite a few photos watermarked with “FauxRealityEntertainment” (here) but on the bottom right hand corner is the word Bravo. I guess Vinnie took screen captures from a Bravo television show and watermarked them. But taking pictures of a copyrighted television show doesn’t make you the owner of the pictures, not even if you watermark them. It’s copyright infringement.
 Vinnie also uses a character from Scooby Doo as an “investigative reporter” for her blog. (here) She uses photos of several characters from the cartoon and labels them “courtesy Hanna Barbera” but once again, that’s not the same as copyright permission, particularly when you’re using the characters in a potentially libelous story. And it’s Warner Brothers who own Hanna Barbera so consequently are the owners of trademarks, copyrights and any intellectual property having to do with Scoopy Doo. 

I also notice Vinnie has a picture of Kristen Johnston with a Spokeo watermark. That’s another example of copyright infringement. In fact Vinnie still has tweets by Kristen Johnston who’s already asked Vinnie to remove them for infringing on her copyrights. Vinnie even has a password protected area dedicated to Kirsten Johnston’s tweets (here). Vinnie has already been denied the use of Ms Johnston’s material, making the material accessible by password is still a violation.

Vinnie has a history of disregarding laws. If you have the time and inclination, please notify Julie at the Clip and Stills Department at Warner Brothers of Spina’s copyright infringement and use of Scooby Doo characters on her website. 

Our next post will be on How to file a copyright complaint with GoDaddy 

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