Neal Tries To Kiss KJos Smart Ass, His Letter To Kristen Johnston, Feb 5, 2015

Neal Rauhauser left the letter below on Kristen Johnson’s blog post Gutless. Ms Johnston removed her post from public view for awhile but since Vinnie Spina has been acting out again, Ms Johnston has reposted it.  Neal also published the letter on his blog before he erased his presence on the internet February 25th. His letter is too funny to be deleted forever. It’s a precedent setting display of Potato. Neal likes to contact people that are high profile or involved in high profile dramas, show how he’s just like them only his situation is much worse but he’s done a much better job of dealing with it and they should get back to him so he can help them. 

Rauhauser warns Ms Johnston that there will be “venom” because he posted a comment on his blog. He’s probably referring to the $60,000 in unpaid child support he owes. His claim of having a chronic illness is a little weak. He hasn’t seen his kids in years, he’s never contacted the courts to have his child support payments adjusted for his “illness” though he’s been able to contact Child Protective Services to harass his wife and kids.

It’s true that a woman from New Jersey invaded his life but Neal tries to play down the events of the past couple of years. I don’t know if there’ve been four lawsuits against Neal but I do know that his lawsuit with Bullyville isn’t over and Neal hasn’t won. 

The venom Neal speaks of may also be because he’s been implicated in several SWATtings against people he doesn’t like, in fact he bragged that 87 US Congressman called for an investigation into SWATtings. Or it might be because Neal was involved in Weinergate, swearing that a hacker stole Rep Weiner’s pics and posted them. Or could it be that he’s claimed to be an FBI Informant, the subject of a Grand Jury, hunted by the Michigan Militia, or on a hit list by the Mexican Mafia? 

The attention Neal gets may also be because he claims the FBI went after Barrett Brown trying to get to him. And he’s said the Bullyville lawsuit in Texas was really a trap by the FBI to get to him. Neal Rauhauser is so popular.

His letter to Kristen Johnston was written February 7th, 2015, that’s about two weeks after Neal was fired by CryptoCoinsNews. Neal posted a comment on a forum calling for retaliation against a competing blog, Coinfire, for announcing an SEC investigation into a company Neal and his friends had been promoting. (see GarzaGate)  

Neal’s comments, besides getting him fired, incited someone to hijack the Coinfire website and Twitter account. The editor of Coinfire received numerous threats of death and violence, allegedly at least one from Neal. The threats were reported to the FBI. 

So…more reports to the FBI along with shilling for a ponzi scheme. In fact, that SEC investigation that bothered Neal has actually become a multi agency investigation into allegations of fraud, threats and money laundering for terrorist organizations. That’s why you don’t see much of Neal these days.

It’s generally not a good idea to let Neal get involved in anything, unless you really want it fucked up. Just ask his ex-wife Nancy, Barrett Brown, Occupy Wallstreet, OccupyDC,  former Representative Anthony Weiner, FBI Special Agent Dan, all the politicians he campaigned for, JoJo Camp, Daily Kos, Stop Rush,  etc etc etc. 

An Open Letter to Kristen Johnston @kjothesmartass

The following was left as a comment on Kristen Johnson’s blog post Update:Gutless, with regards to the harassment she receives from disbarred lawyer Vincenza Spina.

Congrats on eight years. I just passed twenty a few weeks ago. It takes a lot of courage to clean house at forty, I feel so lucky that I ran out of steam in my mid-twenties.
Since I’ve posted here there will be a flood of venom. All I have to say in my defense is that I caught Lyme disease about the time you got sober and I’ve got all of the career and financial problems that come with chronic illness that has only let me work half time about three years out of the last eight.
Like what you are facing with Vincenza Spina, my life was invaded by a mentally ill woman in New Jersey back in 2010. She has induced a man on psychiatric disability to file charges against me, I’ve faced malicious prosecution efforts in half a dozen states, and I just won my fourth frivolous lawsuit. Part of the reason I get the attention I do is that I worked for a Hispanic Congressman during the 2010 election, and he retained a seat the Tea Party thought sure they would take.
My most recent court victory is a precedent setting 1st Amendment case in Texas. Thanks to the Texas Citizen’s Participation Act, the nation’s most aggressive anti-SLAPP statute. This James McGibney person you see mentioned in earlier comments is on track to owe my lawyer $220,000 and me as much as $1 million, thanks to a decision by the Texas 2nd State Appellate Court. There is a link on the masthead of my blog entitled ‘First Amendment’ that contains additional information on the case.
You were wise to suspend your Twitter account. I am afraid that you may have to leave it as nothing more than an announcement outlet. Even if you successfully put an end to Spina’s weird obsession with you there are a number of other equally twisted characters who are already aware of this conflict. The long term solution to this sort of thing is a bit of legislative reform. The top thinker on this is UMD law professor Danielle Citron, and her recent book, Hate Crimes In Cyberspace, lays out what we ought to do to drain cyber-cesspools such as BullyVille.
I’m not terribly difficult to reach for anyone legitimate – a connection request on LinkedIn works best. If your lawyer should need an assist in identifying or locating any of these goons who are bothering you I probably already have a file on them.
Neal Rauhauser