A Mysterious Pastebin Post, June 27th 2015

A mysterious stranger posted this on pastebin. From the ranting and all the typos I’d say the mysterious stranger had a very, very large mad.

I hope the motion referred to in the pastebin gets posted somewhere, they’re usually written like the pastebin below.   

from Pastebin:


BY: A GUEST ON JUN 27TH, 2015  |  SYNTAX: NONE  |  SIZE: 1.48 KB  |  VIEWS: 197  |  EXPIRES: NEVER
  1. Dear James and Jay,
  2.  As a non-party who was just made aware of the frivlous nature of your most recent filings in which you accuse me of being some egg account that “threatened”your worthless spawn, I will be filing a motion demanding that you remove the content from the record. Here is why… See in FLorida, your co-defendant Kristen Claire Olson Curry of Lee Couty FLorida, Social Security Adminsitration has filed the a TROagainst some person Ihave never heard of. In her TROapplication she makes it clear that the other person (and not me)made the same Tweet. In addition, Ihave a reccorded call with some pig in California in which you admited that you YOU ccalled me. This means that you filed your stupid motion to vex, and cacuse problems. THen there is the question of your mommy and daddy’s home  and the car in the driveway. Appearing on Google Maps.
  3. See retarded DRUG Addicted fool that you are Jason Jay Leiderman, representing some revenge porn child porn distributor, you have shown time and again just how stupid and how much lack of research and intellegence that you put into your work. Iccan’t believe that james actually pays you. Fucking stupid retard. At least Kirclaire is getting paid to fuck (literally?) james… you are probably just not even getting anything. If Iwere James, Iwould blow your fucking representation out of the water and disavow anything to do with you.
  4. IN any ev3enet, Iam nearly done with the Motion. I hope that you havea death defying day.
  5. #OpDisBarLiederman