Retzlaff Gets Mad

Tommy Retzlaff loses his usual superior mocking persona and shows his true nasty, racist, violent nature.

I sure hope his son, Colin, didn’t abuse his access to law enforcement resources for his father. It’s bad enough he’s a reserve State Police officer willingly living in the same home with the man who has been stalking and harassing his sister for years.

And there is a second warrant out for Tommy. It’s extraditable with a $20,000 bond.

Comments left by Retzlaff on his blog ViaViewFiles June 21st:

I do not care what you do. To show you exactly how little I care, I shall post my home address here for all the world to see. You know for a fact that this is my home address for when I’m in Arizona because that is the address that is on the front of my Arizona driver’s license, of which I know that you got a copy of it last spring when your process server dude made the written request to get my DL info – twice.
How do I know that this was done and exactly by whom (on two separate occasions)? Well its easy enough to find out because my son – as you clowns know – is a AZ certified reserve State Police officer and he checked the Audit Trail for my DL records to see who had accessed them and when. (Fun Fact: The DL audit trail keeps a list anytime anyone, local, state or federal accesses your DL info whether its for a traffic ticket, crossing a border and the INS checks you, or the FBI wants to peek). It is also how I know for a matter of fact that (1) there are no warrants out for my arrest and (2) there are no ‘super secret’ (or even not-so-secret) investigations going on about me.
Anyways, if you want to find me, you know where I live. Its 2402 E. Esplanade Ln.,
Phoenix, AZ 85016. It’s no secret. I even put the address in a federal court filing when I was complaining to the federal judge about you retards doing something I have already forgotten about.
By the way, I don’t listen to Arpey’s podcast. But if you do know anything about me by now after all of these so many, many months, it is that I cannot be intimidated by your nonsense, whether you are James McGibney or some other idiot involved with him. See one of the advantages of having done hard time in maximum security is that it makes you Hard. Just like being a combat vet (and you can spin your nonsensical tails about how I supposedly got kicked out of the Army, but we all know that is BS. After all I still got my DoD ID card which gives me PX and Commissary privileges, among other things).
Scary is being locked in a cell for the night with 3 Mexicans, 2 niggers, and four knifes between us. Guess who didn’t have a knife? But I did have a sock and three cans of tuna. You have any idea what a man’s face looks like after it’s been beat on by a sock holding three of those metal cans of tuna? Wanna know what four men’s faces looked like? lol (which is one of the reasons why the parole board labeled me a “continuing danger to society” and refused to release me. It was only by winning my lawsuit (and a pile of money) that I got out of prison).
So there you go, tough guy. Please stop thinking that I care about you or your threat hoaxes. Some people just cannot be intimidated.
You know the nice thing about having a rich family?


A followup comment made by Retzlaff

Fake address? lol Its on my fucking driver’s license – as you damn well know. Its the address on my electric bill and my Direct TV bill.
But whatever, dude.
You act like any of this chest thumping makes a bit a difference. If you wish to come all the way to Scottsdale to do whatever, by all means be my guest!
I beat you. More important WE BEAT YOU! Starting with the grandmothers who would not back down, to some homeless ex-hacker guy in upstate New York I never spoke to, to some guy who supposedly owes child support and whom I never even heard of before you filed these stupid LOLsuits – WE ALL beat your motherfucking ass. You, James McGibney, that clown Steinbaugh, the other clown Rob Holmes, the other, other clown Morgan & Klein. We all kicked your collective fucking asses.
And I could not have done it without the Vicodin fueled lawyer from Ventura, CA, Jay Leiderman, who kept stepping on his dick in front of Judge Freeman every chance he got.
Thanks for playing, Leiderman! You have firmly cemented your reputation in the court of public opinion by your actions in this case. Nice work!! I am certain that James McGibney and his family feel that they got their money’s worth by your skillz as a litigator. Am I right?
Hey Catty – about the only honest thing you have said (and something that impressed me greatly for some reason in your candor) is McGibney’s statement of relief about the federal case being over with because, a year ago, he had no idea what a “freak show” I was capable of as far as being a “vexatious litigant.”
And, no, I do not take any special pride in that. This is how I have been conducting my courtroom business now for the last twenty odd years and I think nothing of it. This case here was just par for the course for me. You McGibney retards laughed and joked about how I got declared a vexatious litigant in Texas. But you did not truly understand what that meant and what it took to get there on that list.
You point and laugh about the six or seven lawsuits that I lost (which is the number necessary in order to get you on that list), but you completely and utterly ignored the well over 200 or so other cases (in local, state, and federal courts) that I won, in which I pounded the ever loving shit out of my opponents until I got what I wanted.
You looked, but you did not see.
If you really read the emails between my daughter and me, you would have seen that way back in April or May of 2014 I told her what the outcome would be in this federal case. I also told her what the outcome would be in the Texas case. I told her step-by-step what the process would be, what moves I / we would make, and what I was confident the outcomes would be. But clearly you people thought I was joking and you failed to take me seriously or believe me.
I tell you now what the eventual outcome will be in the TRO case, too. But you persist in failing to listen even after the brutal lessons that I taught you all already.
James McGibney lost his chance to be in Rolling Stone magazine because of me. (Allegedly)
He lost his chance at getting a deal with Warner Brothers studios because of me. (Allegedly)
He lost all of his advertisers, celebrity sponsors, and investors because of me. (Allegedly)
His websites are a ghost town because of me and his name will forever be tarnished because of me. (Allegedly)
And his bank accounts are basically empty. Right?
You also likely ignored my daughter’s warning when she told you that I am the most dangerous person that you are likely to ever encounter in your life.
But that’s okay.
This victory here is not just “my” victory. I share it with each and everyone of you – especially those of you who were linked into the totally bogus Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory and named in the LOLsuits – Lane Lipton, Neal Rauhauser, Lora Lusher, Jennifer D., and Miss Anon News (whomever you may be). We never knew of each other before, but we share a bond for all the future.
#GFY McGibney