Where Does The Money Come From Vinnie?

UPDATE: This post was censored and removed by Google after a complaint filed by Vinnie Spina as part of a harassment campaign. 

We were not given notice or an opportunity to protest the censorship. We have a first amendment right to publish information of public interest on irontroll.com as established in Obsidian v Cox. 

Another one of life’s little mysteries.

FR Entertainment is a New Jersey limited liability company company owned by Patrick Spina and obviously the legal entity behind Vinnie’s blog, Faux Reality Entertainment. But what blog on the internet needs a limited liability corporation backing it up? 

Technically blogs are protected by the first amendment so any legal umbrella a limited liability company might offer isn’t really needed. Suing a blog is impossible unless malicious intent by the blogger can be shown (hello Vinnie!) and in that case, hiding behind an LLC is no protection.

Taking a look at Vinnie’s blog, there are obviously no advertisements by any ad services nor are there any sponsors listed anywhere on the blog. This should classify fauxreality as a noncommercial blog except internet business listings for FR Entertainment show it as having an income. This explains why the limited liability company was formed, there are tax advantages and flexibility in having an LLC.  There are also tax advantages when you locate a business in your home.

But this is still weird. There are no artists, services or products with any connection to FR Entertainment except Vinnie’s blog. Somehow that little blog is bringing in $38,000 a year.

So who’s paying Vinnie to blog?