Project Onymous, Doxbin And SWATtings

As someone on the other end of the political spectrum, Robert Stacy McCain has opinions and beliefs I don’t agree with and some I find offensive. But I wouldn’t characterize him as a liar. In his July 9th post he revealed there’s an ongoing Federal investigation into SWATtings and that the investigation is being aided by an informant.  In light of this information, the conversation below might be of interest.

On November 5th and 6th of 2014, a major law enforcement op called Project Onymous took down 27 websites which included PinkMeth, a revenge porn site, and Doxbin, a site dedicated to the posting of doxes. Doxbin was originally run by someone who went by the name of Nachash (serpent) with the Twitter account @loldoxbin.  

Anonymous 2014/11/16 11:56 UTC, ID 5129a2a15b

the pink meth got seized? WTF was wrong with it?

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/16 12:06 UTC, ID 759108bb23

admin got busted.

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/16 12:50 UTC, ID f075c0b1b6

doxbin, databin and pinkmeth were on a single server owned by nachash (along with 200 onion cloner sites) he got busted

Noneroodypoo 2014/11/16 12:52 UTC, ID 9984004dcb

if you’re the owner of doxbin, databin, pinkmeth, and 200+ fake onion sites, you deserve to be jailed. asshole

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/16 17:55 UTC, ID 5964bd9e12

goddamn centralization

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/16 21:24 UTC, ID c716ffc143

so wait do we get another doxbin now or where do we post our doxes?

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/17 04:51 UTC, ID 1e3dd5d924

I’m for women’s rights and although I’m not a feminist, I found Pinkmeth to be in bad taste. I mean, here we have some nice amateur porn but assholes just wanna call the woman’s family and humiliate her.

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/17 09:54 UTC, ID 42a34be422

would people care if i had an all you’re dox (that are belong to us)?

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/18 21:46 UTC, ID 3c4c3e0eeb


NoneAnonymous 2014/11/18 23:13 UTC, ID 7d0f03956f

if u want to get busted

NoneAnonymous 2014/11/18 23:22 UTC, ID 46ca73920a

bad taste
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