Former Maryland District Attorney Misses Court Date…Again

I was so disappointed that former Maryland Deputy District Attorney Marcie Sweren Wogan didn’t show up in court on Tuesday. This is the second court date she’s missed regarding a restraining order. She must be very busy on Twitter these days, for some reason she’s never home when the police stop by to serve her.

The Sheriff called Marcie to let her know they’d been trying to serve her with a subpoena but she refused service. Marcie called the police in Lee County Florida to complain but she was so drunk they couldn’t understand what she was saying so they couldn’t talk to her.

I did have a wonderful time with my friend Kirsten. She took some pictures of me in my new Versace court outfit.

Here I am on my way to the court house

Here I am in front of the courtroom where Marcie was supposed to be

Here I am inside the courtroom. The policeman is telling me about Marcie’s drunk phone call. He did a very good impersonation of Drunk Marcie.

 And here I am inside the court room with the court clerk. She is looking for Marcie. I had to tell her that Marcie didn’t show up again but all wasn’t lost, they will keep trying and another hearing will be scheduled.

Hopefully the police in Maryland will be more assertive or creative in serving Marcie. 

4 thoughts on “Former Maryland District Attorney Misses Court Date…Again

  1. She never will show up to anything. She died in 2016. Search Marcie Lyn Sweren or Marcie L. Wogan and John Bennett Wogan (her son). He is a writer for politifacts. She died in 2016 and never left a will. She never hung online. The woman’s voice in the recordings is Terry Stipp aka Terry Cavitalo who was recently sued along with Mayra Martinez for identity theft and impersonation. JB is open about it and will tell you his mother was impersonated. I’m sure you never met her and she never appeared in court because these two people were actually using her identity to troll people.

    1. I’m aware Marcie passed away, this post was written in 2015. The rest of your information is dubious since Marcie did give money to JoJo Camp, she was in contact via Landline with Priest and King. And though they’ve both passed away, she and KO were involved in legal proceedings.

  2. Wonderful. I hate Anonymous and Clownsec both. Can you shed some light on how she came about being involved with both groups?

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