OsborneInk Uses Noose Imagery To Intimidate; September 2012

A bit of Twitter history, Matt Osborne of OsborneInk shows his Alabama upbringing by tweeting a youtube song entitled The Noose.

Fatniss Evaaahdeen @meadowgirl

@OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady really, dude? really? you don’t get it or you are choosing to just be a fucking full on asshole? rock then DUDE.

    @AngryBlackLady @OsborneInk @vdaze @HoneyBadgerLA Well, off the top of my head I’d say racial intimidation. That’s what its been for while.

    @vdaze @HoneybadgerLA @AngryBlackLady let me guess – @OsborneInk doesn’t see this as a racist, misogynist and abusive tweet? Disturbing.

    8:54 AM – 24 Sep 2012

    R U Nadee? @nadiartist

    Just saw from RT that @shoq‘s sycophant or sock or whatever it is @OsborneInk Chose to send @angryblacklady & @vdaze a NOOSE video #shame

      Connie Crew @cjcrew58

      @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady I’m 54 fucking yo, I’ve seen this ignorant shit up close and personal. Its ugly, ignorant and dangerous.

        R U Nadee? @nadiartist

        @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady i know you both have me blocked but there is NO way, *never its ok to send her a NOOSE in any form

        R U Nadee? @nadiartist

        @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady in fact I consider that hate speech

        Abel Undercity @abelundercity

        @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady Dude, you tweeted “The Noose” to an AA woman. What makes you think anyone would stop to listen to the lyrics?

          Louisa @louisathelast

          @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady I can’t believe this needs to be spelled out- you sent a video with noose imagery to a Black woman. Not neutral.

            RT @geeoharee: Major dick move, this. RT @vdaze .@OsborneInk Please remove my email address from your blog posts immediately.

            @AngryBlackLady @geeoharee @vdaze @OsborneInk What it is with posting personal info people? You do not do that, EVER. TAKE IT DOWN!

             11:25 AM – 24 Sep 2012

              Connie Crew@cjcrew58 24 Sep 2012

              @OsborneInk Dude, I don’t care what you say or think but you do NOT post personal information. Its wrong, its illegal and its stupid.

                @OsborneInk @cjcrew58 It was on her phone and she gave no other details. Outing the workplace of a private citizen, though, is actionable.

                @OsborneInk Oh, really? You’ve never looked at her profile? And what was the purpose of even mentioning, except to intimidate?

                  @OsborneInk You actually treated the women MORE unfairly than you did “Randy.” Get a clue, Matt…

                   12:05 PM – 24 Sep 2012 · Details

                  Carolyn Gretton @cgretton

                  @AngryBlackLady @vdaze @HoneybadgerLA What the ENTIRE FUCK? Time to report @OsborneInk for stalking, harassment, racial intimidation.

                    Connie Crew @cjcrew58

                    @AngryBlackLady @OsborneInk This shit is illegal. Contact the company that owns the server the blog is on and report it.

                    kfreed @kfreed2

                    RT @cjcrew58: @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady I’m 54 fucking yo, I’ve seen this ignorant shit up close and personal. Its ugly, ignorant and …

                    Imani ABL @angryblacklady

                    RT @OsborneInk: Let the record indicate that @cjcrew58 is advising @AngryBlackLady to contact my web host. Harassment and intimidation

                    Tom Head @_tomhead

                    @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady Wow. Still had some doubts about this situation, but seeing you send “The Noose” to a black woman resolved them.

                    Imani ABL @angryblacklady

                    What?! RT @OsborneInk: RT @AngryBlackLady I’m calling law enforcement, Matt // So you’re SWATing me, eh? Been hanging out with Stranahan?

                      Connie Crew @cjcrew58

                      @AngryBlackLady @OsborneInk No, just saying that what you are doing by posting personal information is illegal. Your webmaster should know.

                        raine @raine1967

                        RT @AngryBlackLady: This is not a game, Matt. RT @OsborneInk: Rules of electronic warfare: do not acknowledge the jamming. Report and co …

                        Connie Crew @cjcrew58

                        @AngryBlackLady @OsborneInk And now changing what others post. I’ve dealt with your kind online before you know.

                        Connie Crew @cjcrew58

                        @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady Drama much? Under hyperbole in the dictionsary it says see Obsornelnk

                        Pragmatic Elephant @pragele

                        @AngryBlackLady @vdaze What on God’s green earth is wrong with @OsborneInk?! I really thought he was a better man than that.

                        R U Nadee? @nadiartist

                        Really? @OsborneInk You’re gonna hang a black lady to defend a women’s right crusader who says”cunt”? @vdaze @HoneybadgerLA @AngryBlackLady

                        Lita Anne Smith @italianjewmom

                        @TheXclass @osborneink @vdaze @honeybadgerla @angryblacklady I blocked some guy that called me that. Need to draw the line somewhere

                        R U Nadee? @nadiartist

                        Glad to hear That @angryblacklady is going to contact law enforcement. Sending a Noose her way is not ok on any level, @osborneink

                          zaladdaze @zaladdaze

                          This is solely a device to use lynching as a metaphor against a black woman. You need to examine your conscience @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady