You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Rauhauser Deleted Blog Post; Nov 5, 2012

 From November 5th, 2012. 

Neal holds the internet world record for the most times using the words “frivolous lawsuit”.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

I just preserved the @CryingWolfeBlog Twitter account CryingWolfeBlog-Twitter-Account-11-5-2012. I have an earlier snapshot from 10/18/2012.

It’s a free country, people can do as they please, but as I see it …

If someone upstream of you in an operation has a massive civil suit, and if that civil suit came about due to an attempt to intimidate a witness for both state and federal grand juries, and that suit contains claims that the defendant engaged in conspiracy to conceal wire tapping a sitting Congresswoman, and then an associate of yours gets outed because they issued a credible threat across state lines, and then there is a massive discovery response error from a frivolous lawsuit which has your name all over it, and then your own writing from almost a year ago appears marked up as if it’s being treated as evidence because it correlates with the information in the discovery response, and then some additional damning email ends up in the hands of the people examining the the discovery content, and then the guy who got threatened earlier has an appointment with the FBI, and the guy you’ve been harassing for eighteen months contacts the FBI field office handling the paid sting that looks like it’s being stuffed with fabricated events AND he contacts the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Justice, as well as posting a public response to a law firm that might be handling the civil suit against the source of the trouble

There are a variety of actions one could take, but making a public admission that seems to authenticate the email I received earlier, and having that admission come in a context that could be read as menacing to someone who is already seeing the FBI due to an interstate threat for someone involved in these various schemes? I believe I said something to the effect of “Derpy!” last spring. I’m gonna stand by that assessment now.

You should go and see Ned, pay him the $300, and show him this post. What he will tell you is this: make your blog private, but do not delete anything. Protect your Twitter account, but do not delete anything. Stop talking to anyone who was involved in any way, because very shortly some of them are going to be trying to throw everyone else under the bus in order to reduce their own sentence. Or maybe you share more with him than I already know, and he suggests you should get a deal before all the good ones are gone.

Filed under OBVIOUS, for reasons which are OBVIOUS to anyone who has ever seen a federal task force in action before … this post from seven months ago might seem a bit prophetic here in a minute: