The Way It Works, Nov 1, 2012 Deleted from Neal Rauhauser Blog

This is a deleted post from Neal Rauhauser’s blog, dated November 1, 2012. Once again Neal implies he’s in contact with the FBI. 

The Way It Works

First you get the cell phone number.

Then they respond “Hi, Brooks” when you call.

Later, if your relationship progresses, the pleasantries are dispensed and you get a new greeting:

“Now what?”

Keep at it long enough and you’ll get a number for an IA (intel analyst). They only do certain very specific things, but once you have this your collection of cell phone number (and weary agents who answer “Now what?”) will increase. They are the keeper of the bureau Rolodex – you find weird shit, they remember who knows what to do about it.

This tweet makes me smile even more than some other good things that happened today.