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BaddAssLawyerTx and loldoxbin; January 2015

The Badass Texas lawyer continues his quest to find loldoxbin. this timeline is from January, 2015 VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 15Now that hunting season is about over, I can turn my attention back to destroying the life of @loldoxbin nachash ‏@loldoxbin · Jan 16.@BadassLawyerTX Please, continue your campaign of impotent wailing and issuing death threats. I’d like to

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Prespostericity and Bitchiest Discuss SWATting; Jan, 2014

Kelly Hallissey claimed she was SWATted and her SWATter was caught. john garfield‏@Prepostericity They found “your SWATter” but can’t find the one(s) who did it to Stack & Frey? Hmmm. @Bitchiest 11:42 AM – 10 Jan 2014 Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest  Jan 10 WELL @Prepostericity some of us are just more special than others I guess 😀 john garfield ‏@Prepostericity  Jan 11 You joke about SWAT

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Twitter Timeline of Rauhauser as RealityForger; Dec 2014

“Every negative thing you ever heard about me started with racist Robert Stacy McCain” says Neal.HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ten years behind on child support, I think your ex wife precedes McCain.FYI Neal: just because someone registers a domain doesn’t mean that person owns it. Paying extra to keep a domain registration private doesn’t mean it will stay private,

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PoliticolNews Twitter Timeline 2010

Here are tweets from PoliticolNews aka Teri Salvador from 2010. In these you can tell she’s Canadian and an anti-vaccine nut job. Politicolnews#Move-your-money: America is Just Not That Into You: Fight Back!! 1:08 PM Feb 28th via web Politicolnews # The Health Care Summit: America is just not into You: 1:06 PM Feb 28th via web Politicolnews @Toyota Saving 100 million-did more than

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