More On Neal, The Protectors And The Great Oz Scam

The following screen captures (courtesy Jen Emick aka @asherahresearch) are from Rauhauser’s blog. 

The first is a post he wrote on November 8th, 2012, two days after the election. He continues his spin that Rove tried to rig the election and mentions the firewall that was supposedly used to stop vote tampering. 

The snail mail letter (Anons using snail mail! That still kills me!) from The Protector’s didn’t arrive at Velvet Revolution until November 12th, 4 days after Neal posted his article. Neal is a little premature in his announcement, but he also claims The Protectors were feeding him info. 

He states this in the second screen capture, a post he wrote after November 15th. That’s when he received a copy of the snail mail sent by The Protectors. In typical Neal fashion, he says he knew all about everything months before. If he got paid a dollar every time he bragged about having secret info before everyone else he could probably pay off his child support debt.

There was no firewall and there was no vote rigging, just Neal and his little buddy Brett pulling a scam.

Arstechnica has a good writeup of what really happened with Project ORCA here





Neal published the post below after he received the letter from The Protectors on November 15th.