Neal Rauhauser as Gaped Crusader Blogs About Patterico: Nov23, 2011

The Gaped Crusader was one of Neal Rauhauser’s aliases.  He also had a blog to go with it.

The blog has been suspended but below is one of the posts from that blog
Names and links werre redacted by me. 

Incidentally, Patterico is one of the people SWATted in 2012

 Mrs. Patterico

Patterico‘s wife, (Name and Link REDACTED) is also a Los Angeles Deputy D.A.And they live in a very nice house (Link REDACTED).

Their boss is a man named (Name and Link REDACTED).

(Name REDACTED) ran for Attorney General last cycle (link redacted) and lost to Kamala Harris.

You should probably go look at the Patterico blog. I’ll provide them a link to this post and they’ll go ballistic, whining about cyberstalking, faking real world threats, and there will be endless theorizing about who is behind this blog.

But in this case they will get nowhere, because they are public servants, this is public information about them, their employer, his political opponent in 2010 (hint: she should prosecute John Patrick Frey for some of the things he has done), and I am quite invisible, here among the masses of people victimized by this man and his crime crew over the last several year