Vinnie And Marcie #TangoDown

UPDATE: This post was censored and removed by Google after a complaint filed by Vinnie Spina as part of a harassment campaign. 

We were not given notice or an opportunity to protest the censorship. We have a first amendment right to publish information of public interest on as established in Obsidian v Cox. 


Thanks to all those who reported Vinnie Spina and Marcie Wogan for harassment and operating multiple Twitter accounts. Both of them had their Twitter accounts were suspended. 

Former Maryland Deputy District Atorney Marcie Sweren Wogan is well known for writing libel and harassment blogs while sipping Tequila shots. She’s also famous for her catfish campaigns on Craigslist. 

Vincenza Leonelli Spina, a disbarred lawyer in New Jersey, isn’t quite as experienced as Marcie but she does seem to enjoy harassing other people when she’s not working illegally in her husbands law office. 

Numerous people have made complaints to Twitter as well as to the appropriate authorities in New Jersey and Maryland. It’s great to see some reward for your efforts. Good work people!