A Reflection On Deflection; Rauhauser And SWATting

A Federal investigation into SWATtings is presently being conducted by the Department of Justice. This was first brought to public attention by conservative blogger Stacy McCain who received a letter from the Department of Justice in July of this year. Brian Krebs, who blogs about online security, also received a letter from the DOJ. Both of these men were the victims of a SWAT. Krebs states his was in march of 2013, Stacy hasn’t given a specific time frame for when his occurred. They both received letters within 24 hours of each other. Their respective SWATtings may be part of the same investigation. Or not.

In the screen capture below, Neal gives his totally unsolicited and off topic opinion on who the SWATter might be. The 16 year old kid Neal is talking about was already arrested a year ago. He lives in Canada. It’s within the realm of possibility that this kid could be the individual cooperating with investigators but not likely. It’s a long commute for a 17 year old Canadian would be an informant for an investigation being conducted in Washington.

For those of you who were around during the SWATtings in 2012, Neal, first said that one of the “bean dogs” did it. Then his buddy Osborne made a video with a voice comparison so then Neal decided that Brandon Darby was the SWATter. Everybody else on the internet thinks that Neal and Brett Kimberlin and some of their friends played a part in the SWATtings.

Everybody could be wrong, maybe the SWATter is nobody anyone’s heard of before. But Neal has been too involved in too many shady shenanigans to have clean hands. I bet that somewhere there’s a Fed looking for Neal.