Retzlaff And His Very Important Fake Business

This is Tommy Retzlaff’s fake business internet listing. He’s actually been unemployed for years, he lives off an allowance from his 80+ year old daddy. 

His statement that his numerous employees go through an SSBI is very funny. An SSBI is a “Single Scope Background Investigation” used to check someone out before granting them top secret security clearance. Tommy can’t pass a 5 minute google search with out his vexatious litigation and criminal past showing up. Just check out this google search on Tommy’s business address”  Tommy’s business address Search

RTC Holding Company
PO Box 92
San Antonio,
 TX 782910092 
Products & Services
·         government services
·         facilities management
·         communication services
·         Weapons Management
·         special needs transportation
About RTC Holding Company
We provide and impliment Continuity of Government plans, facilities & equipment for the Federal Government in the SW Region of the United States.
In additional to our government contracting work, we provide financial management and property acquisition for large scale and very large scale operations in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. 

We have extensive contacts with the very highest levels in most countries of the world and nearly all of the UN member nations / states. 

Nearly all of our executive staff are all former governmental employees, all of which have had TS / SCI clearances some even had Yankee White addiditional designators. Each person in the management chain must undergo – and pass – a government mandated SSBI every five years.

Annual Revenue  Estimate $100 to 500 million
Employees  250 to 499