OccupyRebellion Gossips About Denise Richards? May 5, 2013

Darrah Ford had a lot of the same opinions as OccupyRebellion. Denise Richards, like Kate Gosselin, is very important business to OccupyRebellion.

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

@politicsofamy Hopefully denise can keep his two sons so all the brothers and sisters stay together.

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

@politicsofamy Denise is now painfully skinny. Lost way too much weight. All that is Sheen is getting to her.

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

@politicsofamy Denise has her two daughter with him, she also adopted a baby girl, and now she’s taking in his two boys from that marriage.

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

@politicsofamy Yeah. He was beating Denise, threatened to kill her, and she accused him of watching child porn.

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

@politicsofamy All the violent shit Sheen did to her.

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

@politicsofamy Remember years ago people were calling Denise the “crazy one” for wanting to protect her kids from Charlie?

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

Denise Richards is slowly becoming the new Angelina Jolie. Now raising five kids. https://t.co/Ycrt4VlGJ0

Sheridan @OccupyRebellion 5 May

You know you have problems when both parents lose custody of their kids to the guy’s ex-wife. https://t.co/Ycrt4VlGJ0

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