A Convo With JoJo: March, 2015

JoJo plays Show and Tell with his Walmart ID and compares himself to MLK. 

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai 

@DontFuckWithMeQ @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire The bottom sentence would indicate you withheld information regarding your arrest records

XxX ‏@DontFuckWithMeQ 

@ZiLeOHai notice I havn’t been online much. Too busy in real life. While u bitches rehash 3 yr old shit. @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai 

@DontFuckWithMeQ @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire I’d say it’s more likely cuz you keep getting suspended

XxX ‏@DontFuckWithMeQ 

@ZiLeOHai sure dude. you are sooooo amazing at this whole twitter but not real life stuff. @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

@DontFuckWithMeQ @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire says the guy who’s spent most of his adult life in prison

XxX ‏@DontFuckWithMeQ 

@ZiLeOHai don’t worry you will be there soon. Also didn’t MLK also spend most of his adult life in prison? @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai 

@DontFuckWithMeQ oh JoJo, you are no MLK @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire

XxX ‏@DontFuckWithMeQ 

@ZiLeOHai se are all MLK! Just like I’m not Jojo. Though he sent me a bunch of fun stuff. Pics trips, paperwork @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

@DontFuckWithMeQ @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire Not buying it JoJo. The pic of you in the badge has more hair than you do now.


@ZiLeOHai @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire check the issue date retard. Its all good. 3/2/15

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai 

@DontFuckWithMeQ @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire You shouldn’t chew your cuticles, you could get an infection

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

@DontFuckWithMeQ @TauntRadioBTR @kirclaire March 2nd…and you’ve traveled all OVER for your job in a week.

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