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Sue has problems telling the truth.

I don’t know if Sue has changed her opinions on austism but she hasn’t stopped lying about the comments she made in the past. Since the autism incident though, Sue has made an effort to mention on her blog how much her clients love her, that she has many clients with autism and she does so much for them. 

Yup, Sue has major problems with the truth…and ethics
The following was found on the libel blog in response to a comment left by Sue Basko. TR refers to Tom Retzlaff.

” I have never engaged in defaming anyone…” — Sue Basko

If what you claim is true, then perhaps you can explain why in the past two weeks you participated in a series of acts that can and have been easily traced to you in which you have made a series of nonsensical yet no less harmful baseless defamatory accusations (which you have made a nasty habit of repeating) and which were directed at a person whom COURT-DOCUMENTED RAPIST, PEDOPHILE AND SERIAL STALKER TR has been stalking, harassing and defaming?

Susan, that is the same TR (of Phoenix, AZ) who is due in court in San Jose on Monday morning for a contempt of court trial. As a licensed attorney in the state of California, I am sure you are at least somewhat familiar with the machinations of such proceedings.

Based on the evidence (already submitted and to be submitted); Retzlaff’s repeated declarations to Judge Manoukian that he has no intention of showing up (despite the fact that the trial court FIRMLY and CONVINCINGLY established personal jurisdiction over Retzlaff); and Retzlaff’s criminal history (which includes countless incidences stretching back more than 20 years in which Retzlaff has thumbed his nose at court orders – and paid a price for doing so) – come Monday the only thing more certain than the sun setting in the West is that Retzlaff will be found in contempt of court for who knows how many thousands of violations (yes THOUSANDS, all documented, properly bound and ready to be presented) of the lawful court orders issued by Judge Manoukian on July 29th, 2014.

As you know Susan, in a contempt of court proceeding, the defendant need not be present to be sentenced. Thus, it is highly likely that Retzlaff will then be sentenced in absentia to (as Retzlaff’s former attorney Daniel Jensen characterized) “a very lengthy sentence”.


Because the actions of
some random guy whom you claim to not know nor ever transmit nor receive communications via any means or medium from  your friend and co-conspirator, TR is so egregious… the Judge will almost certainly issue a new warrant with a dollar amount well into the six figures.


As this Permanent Restraining Order case has progressed Retzlaff has never abated in his willful disobedience of the courts orders. Retzlaff has demonstrated a complete disregard for the court’s dominion over him (a FACT that Retzlaff has ONLY himself to blame on account of him thinking he is a lawyer rather than actually being one and FUBAR’ing his defense as a result) and even berated the Judge and his court staff by siccing his co-conspirators to conduct the typical TeamPhelon style campaign of defamation and harassment we have all become too familiar with. Thus it is a foregone conclusion that the Judge will turn this over to the District Attorney to pursue criminal aggravated stalking charges.

Considering the approaching election year, the amount of media attention that awaits Monday’s results and the fallout of the malicious actions you have enabled, fueled, supported and participated in – this is the kind of case that any D.A. seeking to make a statement about protecting its citizens from violent criminals like TR will see through to the end.

As that criminal investigation progresses, it will be fascinating to see the facts of the coordination between yourself, Retzlaff, Camp, Lusher, Rauhauser, Dorrell and others laid bare for all to see.
Ms. Basko – how do you think what has transpired (and you have allegedly participated in) in the two weeks leading up to the Retzlaff Contempt of Court is being interpreted by lawyers, investigators and state officials?

Do you think they view it as free speech activists exercising their voice in the marketplace?
Or do you think they view it as a conspiracy to commit witness intimidation (among other malicious and illegal acts)?