ViaView v Retzlaff Hearing Delayed Until Sept 24th

Due to a technicality, the contempt of court hearing for Thomas Retzlaff will be delayed until September 24th. 

As the proceedings began, the courtroom held numerous spectators including those who work in the courthouse itself who have had to endure harassment by Retzlaff and friends. Tommy, of course, didn’t show up. 

Shortly into the hearing, ViaView was asked for a Certificate of Status, which they didn’t have.  Lack of this document is why the hearing was postponed until next month.

A Certificate of Status is a one page document showing that a business entity is incorporated, up to date on taxes and able to do business in the state of California. It’s one page and costs around 50 bucks. Ordinarily a lack of this certificate would be a petty point and not worth delaying the trial but Retzlaff is a petty man and would no doubt make an appeal in the future based on no Certificate of Status provided. The judge is making sure everything is covered properly.

At issue today was Retzlaff’s contempt of court for failing to abide by a previous court order to appear and answer to charges of harassment against James McGibney, ViaView, Brittney Retzlaff and others. Retzlaff has shown nothing but contempt for the court, not only in not showing up but with a continuous campaign of harassment and defamation against ViaView and associates.

This campaign has grown over the last year to include more people like JoJo Camp, Neal Rauhauser and Sue Basko. And since moving to an overseas location, Tommy’s blog has increased its threats and defamation.

Waiting another month to see Tommy get what he deserves is unfortunate but should be worth the wait. Judge Manoukian is more than a match for Tommy.