Retzlaff Contempt Of Court Trial September 24th

September 24th is Tom Retzlaff’s Contempt Of Court trial with Judge Manoukian in San Jose. The judge has not been impressed with Tommy’s legal maneuverings thus far. You can get an idea what Manoukian thinks from this previous post

The hearing is to address Tommy’s ignoring restraining orders and refusal to show up for previous court hearings. Tommy has stated that he will not be showing up for the contempt of court hearing either. Tommy is just too busy posting doxes and death threats on his blog plus sending hundreds and hundreds of faxes to harass James McGibney. 

Since Judge Manoukian already issued a bench warrant for Retzlaff’s arrest for his previous no shows, it should be interesting to see what the Judge will do if Tommy doesn’t show up.

You can get more information on Retzlaff’s stalking and shenanigans at