Comments On Neal’s Scribd Account; 2012

Neal posted an article on his Scribd account about the fake Anonymous group, The Protectors, and how they saved the 2012 election. These are comments left on his Scribd page before he deleted it, Neal loved all the attention.… I think this is how this document got 80,000+ views in 48 hours. Thanks!

THANK YOU ANONYMOUS!!! I read the letter you wrote to Karl Rove and I got happy goose-bumps. I’ve read it three times. YOU ARE AWESOME. Thank you for protecting America from those greedy bastards.

sic semper to rat-f$#kers

THANK-YOU ANONYMOUS, from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you, always though Kerry won Ohio and we were in serious jeopardy of a repeat performance this time

Just checking out this readcast stuff. Is this any good?

Wow, I never noticed there were comments available here. Hello, everyone. My personal blog is – for as long as this is a hot issue the first post will always be the latest on it, and the links on the masthead I try to maintain – I have a hand in many different things, so it can be a bit confusing for a new visitor.