The Conspiracy Theories of PoliticolNews; March 15, 2013

PoliticolNews is Canadian Teri Salvador who started a political blog without knowing a thing about American politics. Hiding behind the name Peter Neisman, she used her blog to advance her weird conspiracy theories: Vaccinations were a plot by big pharma, 911 was an inside job, etc. She’s as loopy as Alex Jones. 

Below she accuses UniteBlue and founder Zach Green of the extraordinary ability to bypass Twitter’s API and make mayhem. 

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@VioletVaughn sorry to hear. We need to clean out the GOP liar API’s here. They lied, that broke just one API rule. @twitterapi

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 16s
@EzKool @TheOddDominion That was the best part, and Karl Rove’s Face when they called Ohio. Priceless in our Memories. LOL

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 54s
In 2014, Take Back the House from the Obstructionist Republicans. #2014VoteDemocrat or Bust.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1m
By the looks of the #CPAC Clown Show, 2013, Democrats Will Take Back the House. #p2 stop the obstructionists.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 2m
@azmoderate Bye Bye John.

Keyboard Ninja @TrinaCuppett 3m
Yes @ azmoderate sold out. he has more to hide then I do so too bad for him. RT @Politicolnews: @TrinaCuppett I see, then he’s sold out too.
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@VioletVaughn the Twitter API team is ignored this, means they are allowing it, for more traffic. #uniteBlue is scammer paradise for GOP

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 5m
@VioletVaughn I don’t think people even know these tweets are going out from their accts, Zach can delete them at will. @twitterapi

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 6m
Tax Evader Mitt Romney gives speech on how he loves the middle class. #47% of you don’t listen. #CPAC #CPACClownShow

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 7m
@SPeteDave Zach Green will be removed from Twitter.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 7m
@VioletVaughn Block, although they are unblocking previously blocked accounts. They have total access to all accounts.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 8m
@SPeteDave You’re Twibbon is the way Unite Blue is tracking you, remove it or use at your own risk. @TwitterAPI March 15, 2013 2 pm

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 9m
@SPeteDave Um you’re working for GOP Consultants Zach Green right now by wearing that Twibbon, please remove to converse. #BlockingUniteBlue

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 10m
@LisaToddSutton Bernie Sanders for President. The only guy working for the People.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 11m
To Remove your Twibbon which is tracking you go to your Accts: apps, then click Revoke Access. But they still have access to your acct.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 12m
Unite Blue Tea Party campaign, one of their clients in 2012: #UniteBlueWorksfortheGOP #Cainiacs

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 13m
Just one of Unite Blue Clients: Herman Cain, beware they work for republicans: #Cainiacs #140elect #140Cain

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 13m
@TrinaCuppett LOL. that is ridiculous, Unite Blue Works for the Tea Party, John needs to shake his head. Sucked in.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 14m
@TrinaCuppett Tri, UB is still attacking new left accts, more are being manipulated today, they still have a Twitter API.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 15m
@TrinaCuppett I see, then he’s sold out too.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 16m
Blocked for spam: @gordeevaaa8 @Spam

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 16m
@twitterapi When you are allowing this Unite Blue attack, you are part of the problem. Read how many times you’ve been advised. Mar 15, 2013

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 17m
The games are continue, Unite Blue still has a Twitter API, access to our acct., sending tweets, creating fake accts. to destroy the Left

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 18m
@hashonomy_gus Sorry about that, but @Twitterapi is ignoring the manipulation of our acct, and many others. We continue to follow your news.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 19m
@hashonomy_gus We’ve had to disconnect all apps due to the Unite Blue access to our acct, will resume once they are gone. cc. @twitterapi

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 23m
Blocking all Unite Blue twibbons, accts, hashtag users. Be warned you are being tracked by GOP consultants. 3/15, 2013 1:52 p.m.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 24m
@TrinaCuppett I guess John has decided to block me too. Mar. 15, 2013 1:51 p.m. Very strange for a moderate.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 25m
@azmoderate Hello?

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 25m
Twitter Direct Message system is unsecured, use at your own risk: if you gave access to APPS.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 26m
Twitter Direct Message system may contain Malware: article Sept 2012, wonder when they gave UB API? Warning

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 27m
@azmoderate Hi John, why are you blocking us, we are not Unite Blue, haven’t said a word about you, Please unblock.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 29m
@TrinaCuppett Oh, so he blocked me too? Very nice of him. Wow. There is no dirt, there is only UniteBlue a GOP infiltration of Twitter.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 30m
If you wanted Mitt Romney as your President -you’d be working in China by now. #CPAC #CLOWNSHOW

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 31m
@TrinaCuppett @azmoderate is John Blocking me?

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 32m
@DariMD @southerntalker @MissMollly Yes, unfortunately our account fell into Zach Green /Unite Blue/TGDN gaming the system. @twitterapi

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 33m
@TrinaCuppett The one I just made -Haven’t uploaded it: The screen capture that shows John is Blocking me. Is he or no?

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 34m
@TrinaCuppett @azmoderate he never blocked me before today, Mar 15, 2013, I want to verify this. Thanks.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 34m
@TrinaCuppett @azmoderate Please ask John to respond to my tweets, I show him as blocking me, is that true or not? I have screen captured.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 35m
We have taken all apps off our account, who is accessing our accts still? @twitterapi @Support Check your access logs

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 35m
@Twitter @support @Spam @TwitterApi All our accts are compromised, do security checks, logs, stop Unite Blue app.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 36m
@TWITTER Next time you grant a kid access to your platform, make sure he’s not abusing your system. @UniteBlue is doing just that. #p2

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 37m
I am now getting Error messages in my timeline, @twitterapi please investigate: Mar 15, 2013 1:38 pm check the LOGS.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 37m
#CPAC how many jobs has Mitt Romney outsourced and got a Tax Deduction for your jobs? #MittRomney He’s in it for Himself.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 38m
Mitt Romney exploits slave workers in China, Sensata plant shut down in Illinois, just 1 example of Vulture Capitalist #CPAC

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 41m
@lmhoeper Good luck with that, see ya.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 41m
@azmoderate John are you blocking me, I have a screen capture, please advise. cc @TrinaCuppett

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 43m
@azmoderate You are blocking me I see from my acct, is this true or is it Zach Green doing it? Please advise me.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 44m
#RT @azmoderate @TomBales1 @Picassokat @GottaLaff sadly, hacking knows no political, social or any other classification. Its everywhere

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 46m
@WatchMan010 Yes, a twitter list of demographics of the left is worth gold to GOP party, aren’t doing this for free UniteBlueMar15/2013

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 47m
Even though you’ve removed access to an app, they continue to access your acct, DM’s, Tweets, etc. Read:

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 47m
Unless you complain to @TwitterAPI about access to your accts: this will continue: Read the rules:

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 48m
@GottaLaff @MissMollly @twitterapi Twitter API is not monitored securely, this has happened to many people’s accts for weeks now.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 49m
@GottaLaff @MissMollly @twitterapi Breaking Many Twitter API rules: read:

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 50m
@GottaLaff @MissMollly @twitterapi They have “read” access, but also are doing “write” access to anyone’s acct. We have tweet captures.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 51m
@GottaLaff @MissMollly @twitterapi No. You don’t have to give him access, he’s in “All” people’s accts.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 53m
@Americassoul The Car Elevator is on hold for now. :O:

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 53m
@Americassoul I believe his mansion expansion is thwarted by his neighbors, I don’t blame them. 🙂

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 54m
@GottaLaff @MissMollly In my acct, I’ve had tweets deleted, people who send attack tweets, that didn’t really send them. @twitterapi

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 55m
@GottaLaff This is the manipulation we’ve been warning people about for weeks Laffy. It’s real. It needs to be investigated by @twitterapi

GottaLaff @GottaLaff 55m
Someone may have hacked my acct. Last night’s tweets are gone, someone saw tweet from “me” COMPLIMENTING Rubio. Yikes!
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Politicolnews @Politicolnews 59m
@WatchMan010 I know, we’re trying to warn them, some refuse to listen. #SuckedIntoGOPVortex

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Yes, the Boca Raton Romney fundraiser video was first released: Aug 23, 2012: #CPAC #ClownShowRomney #p2

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
We thank Scott Prouty for releasing the Romney comments on China female sweatshop workers: Aug 23/12: @EdShow

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
This is the video Scott Prouty released before the Mother Jones release: Aug 23, 2012: China workers #Romney #CPAC

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
The 47% Romney talked about is You and Me, and his garbage man: #CPACCLOWNSHOW #CPAC

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Romney never did APOLOGIZE for his 47% comments: #CPACClownShow #CPAC #p2

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
@WatchMan010 #UniteBlueApp #Twibbons all they put on your account to have access and control. This is the Unite Blue app.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
@TickedOffDem47 If you’re part of Unite Blue, we are blocking you. They are working for the GOP. Do the research please.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
If you follow Unite Blue and their tracking methods: be warned we will block you until this APP is removed. March 15, 2013 End this Mess.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Mar. 15, 2013: all Apps are removed in our account. @twitterapi You check who is gaming your system. @Support @Spam @Twitter

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
March 15, 2013 ALERT: I am revoking access in ALL apps, in Twitter acct until they remove the people gaming our accounts: Good Advice.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Alert: If @Twitterapi refuses to investigate this mess: Disengage all Apps in your Account. Till we find out who’s gaming the system. #p2

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Trying to get @twitterapi to clean up their apps invading people’s accts: Is difficult. #UniteBlue do they have read/write access? Respond?

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
The man who exposed 47% Romney for the world to see: #CPACClownShow

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
@lmhoeper Remove Twibbons in your acct: Go to Acct settings, Go to Apps, select the app: Click Revoke access. That way your good to go.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
@lmhoeper Realize that the Unite Blue Emblem means you support GOP consultants 140elect. Remove for your own security.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
#CPAC Clown Show: Romney thinks people don’t die without Healthcare: #FOOLS

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
@twitterapi Does Unite Blue still have access to our accounts? I just got disconnected moments ago. @Support @Spam #UniteBlue Mar 15, 2013

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Romney dumped his stocks in Sensata =Bain Capital: to avoid paying tax: #CPAC

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Remember Romney distorting the facts on Ford, it’s his usual stance: Distortion: #CPAC

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
Scott Prouty set a new standard for journalistic integrity: Get the Truth Out. @Lawrence #ScottProuty is a Hero. @edshow

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
TYVM #FF Best to @npbat @Nupe117 @OHbamaMama @p_staatz @PaulSGreene @pretcap @PTRAway @QrsChocolate @RachelPoPachel @ReelLefty1948

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 1h
I think the Chair will attend in his absence, it makes more sense. 🙂 @TheMoronMormon @LUpthegrove @RafalcaRomney

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 2h
@TrinaCuppett #FF Thank you for your integrity, honesty and ethics.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 2h
@libfirebrand #FF Thank you for being you. Respect.

Politicolnews @Politicolnews 2h
#FF Friend: @MichaelGalvin01 Thank you for being you.