@Anon2World Timeline 2013

Here are a couple days from the Twitter timeline of anon2world. The account is no longer on Twitter.

@me0witude merrrr! m^..^m

I am on the train to charing cross and cannot remember how to get to kings cross by tube from there. Tube dudes please tweet me best route.

@LegendaryAsshol that would be nice, but getting people to do just that would be a very hard task

Telecoms that have policies regulating or throttling data do not believe in freedom of information and need to be stopped.#freealltheinfo

Bleh. Weak coffee is weak.

@quinnnorton ��<— here…. 🙁 thanks for letting me 'borrow' it 😉

@quinnnorton I WANT ONE!!! Ohh thar it is!! ��

DOJ subpoenas Twitter records of several WikiLeaks volunteers –http://ow.ly/gUUMF
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Julian Assange holding sign: #FreeAnons pic.twitter.com/xr92rPPK#YAN
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@YourAnonNews I’m not please this received more retweets than our #OpAngel updates in less than 15 seconds. Just seyin.
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@Xyri3 but Mom… @xDictate
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@xDictate so – spare me the soapbox lecture; what do you want?

@xDictate lol really? He is filtering on to you guys? @primit1v3@xyri3

@xDictate they are broke. They are scraping change together to get to their destinations. Killing is not what we are about.

@xDictate you would not care unless it directly affects you; I see – the anti humanitarian selfish me first attitude. Interesting.

@xDictate really? Protesting funerals? LoL. What a low opinion you must have of the suffering. Kinda sad.

@xDictate and they have information: all the police new about their lawyer call. Especially the one in the blue shirtpic.twitter.com/wvQRTqW6
@xDictate ok, well – what would you do? Seriously; what would you do to combat them?

LocalLeaks has made a $500.00 donation to the FREE Barrett Brown defense fund. PLEASE read the statement – http://bit.ly/Wc6us0  |@wikileaks
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@xDictate the fuck, you don’t have VPN or google talk? Free phone calls. /sigh\ call em.

@xDictate and yes you did fail. Read the article. And call the highland park police to confirm. Like I said before; you must be newb.

@xDictate I am talking about #AaronSwartz funeral that was the other day in highland park. If you can’t keep up with the convo – lol

@xDictate call the highland park police department in Illinois and question them. Seriously. Then get back to me and say sorry.

@xDictate lol u mad? I mean look at what you are writing. 🙂 it’s ok bro. *hugs* don’t get your jimmies all rustled.

@xDictate glad you have that perception of me 😉

@xDictate yes because I asked them personally at the vigil.

@xDictate sorry on my phone fumbling around. No we will not be violent. If that is what you are alluding tohttp://m.cnet.com/news/anonymous-squashes-westboro-plan-to-picket-aaron-swartz-funeral/57564283 …

@xDictate also, they will be met by counter protesters. You new around here?

@xDictate cyber attacks? LoL where have you been?http://www.cnet.com/news/anonymous-squashes-westboro-plan-to-picket-aaron-swartz-funeral/57564283 … oh look, thar is one of my tweets on thar #famefagging
@xDictate yeah, Chicago was on that schedule too lol – they never showed.

@xDictate so in the end, we pretty much already won. Unless someone donates lots of money to them. Go ahead, donate.

@xDictate so you like them? They are wounded, trying to recoup from our last attack on them, financially they can’t. We ruined them

@xDictate um, yeah – but WE did it. LoL your point is pointless since you are talking about us, yet we are the ones who took the action lol

@xDictate you really don’t read much – it’s ok bro. Most people don’t.

@xDictate and btw, who was talking about DDoS? LoL silly you. We ruined their lives man. Read a little. Kay thx!

@xDictate oh really? Most have lost their jobs because of us – SSN on Internet as well as all of their info. They hid from Chicago.

@Friendlysmoker hahah 😛 nice

@Friendlysmoker you preggers bro? 0.o

hijack–> #GoldenGlobes let the wOrld know. –>#JusticeForAaronSwartz <– #Anonymous

@quinnnorton we, again will crush #WBC

You’re doing something right in life when your loved one’s funeral is getting picketed by Westboro Baptist Church.

#IGotAThingFor <—stupid trend that doesn't matter – vs. something that really matters to us all #JusticeForAaronSwartz

#JusticeForAaronSwartz – So many shots heard around the world.How long are you going to let them keep shooting at you before you fight back?

What is happening to our advocates of transparency? #AaronSwartzdriven to suicide. #Manning tortured. #Assange in political asylum.

@Friendlysmoker no problems bro – steal that shit! <3

#JusticeForAaronSwartz#manning jailed, #Assange in political asylum #AaronSwartz dead. How can anyone not see this sick trend?

http://justice.gov  and http://usdoj.gov  responding normally

#JusticeForAaronSwartz – because we can no longer tolerate injustice and bullying from a corrupt government. Murderers.

#FaxBombshttp://goo.gl/BUXRe  free services you can use if and when you take part in a fax attack.

@DoxSex thanks bro! 🙂

Trend this| #JusticeForAaronSwartz Don’t just retweet; make your own personal tweet about it.| #YAN

The US DoJ and MIT sites are down after complicity in bullying Aaron Swartz, friend of WikiLeaks, to death. #aaronswartz #wikileaks

@kennethlipp: http://mit.edu  outage is HUGE.” …that’s what she said….#JusticeForAaronSwartz #AaronSwartz #Anonymous2013

@VizFoSho she caught me before I could have real fun 🙁 no fires *sigh* teen years: different story lol @amaterasusolar@lyrictehunicorn

@VizFoSho hahaha I was in 5th grade – my mother saw 6 ft flames shooting up out the window. Was like WTF @amaterasusolar@lyrictehunicorn

@VizFoSho except I used a spray bottle lol @amaterasusolar@lyrictehunicorn

@VizFoSho lol ohhh I got in so much trouble!!! Ass was soar for weeks; 6 ft flames bro. Did the same 😉 @amaterasusolar@lyrictehunicorn

@VizFoSho hahah yeah or reading the Anarchists cook book@amaterasusolar @lyrictehunicorn soap, foam, gas. Mix. Lite. Dishwasher friendly.

@LovexAnon Chicago lol.

@VizFoSho she could just load the dishwasher up with all that and run like hell… Clear the house too. @amaterasusolar@lyrictehunicorn

@VizFoSho hahaha Wut u want DHS over at her house?@lyrictehunicorn

@LyricTehUnicorn hahaha – I would video it if my dishwasher exploded lolol.

@LovexAnon Many know what city I am in; I don’t keep that a secret – big lake and lots of people lol

@LovexAnon that’s cool 😉

@VizFoSho yeah, it cures boredom … @anonchingshih should #fap

@VinceintheBay the same folks who trust the gov just sit back and do nothing but cry and whine about people who speak out against injustice.

@VinceintheBay no, not at all. They could give a fuck – but it does shovel the shit back in their face minimally; which is all we can do.