BaddAssLawyerTx and loldoxbin; January 2015

The Badass Texas lawyer continues his quest to find loldoxbin. this timeline is from January, 2015

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 15
Now that hunting season is about over, I can turn my attention back to destroying the life of @loldoxbin

nachash ‏@loldoxbin · Jan 16
.@BadassLawyerTX Please, continue your campaign of impotent wailing and issuing death threats. I’d like to get you suspended again

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 16
@loldoxbin I have an offer for you: You can either stop posting my personal information. Or I can take matters into my hands. Up to you

Khris ‏@itiskhris · Jan 18
@BadassLawyerTX @loldoxbin LOL do you actually think that he is scared of you? You are a joke of a lawyer.

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 19
@itiskhris @loldoxbin He had better be. I am dead serious.

Khris ‏@itiskhris · Jan 19
@BadassLawyerTX @loldoxbin How do you plan on finding him? You have been trying for months, nothing has happened.

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest · Jan 20
@itiskhris Does @BadassLawyerTX realize that @loldoxbin no longer runs the site?

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 20
@Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin yes, but he is the one responsible for the release of private information. So he’s a dead man

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest · Jan 20
Also @BadassLawyerTX @itiskhris unless @loldoxbin personally doxed you? He’s merely guilty of leaving the info up. #LearnTheLaw

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 20
@Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin He is the one who did it. He has admitted. I have the screenshots I forwarded to the FBI.

Kelly Hallissey @Bitchiest ∙ Jan 20
@BadassLawyerTX @itiskhris @loldoxbin Then quit threatening to kill him, even here in Texas thats a felony AND your law license

R.I.U. chF ‏@notchF ·
@BadassLawyerTX @Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin lol like the fbi will do anything other than laugh at you

VanDyke Law Firm‏@BadassLawyerTX
@notchF @Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin You mean like they did when I first sent them the Doxbin and Pinkmeth info? Oh wait…..
5:52 PM – 20 Jan 2015

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest ·
@BadassLawyerTX @notchF @itiskhris @loldoxbin Didn’t I tell you to shut up to me? 😀

Khris ‏@itiskhris ·
@BadassLawyerTX yeah what did they do with the doxbin and pinkmeth info? What info? LOL

Kelly Hallissey‏@Bitchiest
@BadassLawyerTX @itiskhris So you are telling me that if you find out who @loldoxbin IS you will kill him? are you fucking daft?

Khris ‏@itiskhris Jan 20
@BadassLawyerTX @Bitchiest @loldoxbin what makes you think that out of all that have tried that YOU (pathetic sorry excuse for a lawyer)….

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX Jan 20
@Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin What I am saying is that, if I find him, I will do the job that the FBI should have done for me.

@BadassLawyerTX @Bitchiest @loldoxbin will be the one that does?

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX Jan 20
@itiskhris @Bitchiest @loldoxbin because, unlike the other dimwits, I won’t stop hunting him. Ever. I’ll hunt him down like a dog.

Kelly Hallissey‏@Bitchiest
@BadassLawyerTX @itiskhris @loldoxbin Good luck with that. Im forced to report your threats as real & credible plz cease tweeting at me

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin Good. They are real and they are certainly credible. I guarantee it.

Khris ‏@itiskhris
@BadassLawyerTX So say you took @loldoxbin to court, you attempt to charge him with fraud. Then what if he brings up the death threats?

clusterfuckalupagus ‏@c01212uqti0n008
@BadassLawyerTX You’re a cunt. Your mom should have wiped you off her saggy tits…lmao @Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin

nachash ‏@loldoxbin
.@BadassLawyerTX @Bitchiest @itiskhris If this vid is any indicator of what will happen, then come at me, bro …

Dêfãult Vírüsa ‏@_d3f4ult 23h23 hours ago
@loldoxbin @BadassLawyerTX @Bitchiest @itiskhris hahahahahahahahhaha omg someone make a RKO gif outta this

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@itiskhris @loldoxbin So what if he does? Absolutely no relevance to the fraud claim and probably not legally actionable.

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@c01212uqti0n008 @Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin You’re a joke. Just like @loldoxbin. All talk, no real action.

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@loldoxbin @Bitchiest @itiskhris Ok. I lost to the owner of a gym who outranked me, outweighed me, and was 10 years younger. Your point?

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest
@BadassLawyerTX @loldoxbin @itiskhris You so fail at this you know.

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@loldoxbin Also, is that a challenge? If so, I accept. I’d love to settle this with you on the mat. Don’t forget to bring a wheelchair.

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@Bitchiest @loldoxbin @itiskhris Think so? Get @loldoxbin to come fight me. I’d love Onionland to see how tough he is in person.

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest

@BadassLawyerTX @loldoxbin @itiskhris Last time, stop mentioning me 😀

VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX
@Bitchiest @loldoxbin @itiskhris Or what?

⠀ ‏@gonz0_
@BadassLawyerTX hahahaha dude. you’re such a faggot. why are you so mad? like? how are u THAT mad? you’re bewildering.

Suru ‏@l0lsuru
@BadassLawyerTX @loldoxbin Don’t you have a shitty law firm to run?

clusterfuckalupagus ‏@c01212uqti0n008
@BadassLawyerTX lololol… but you’re still a cunt… @Bitchiest @itiskhris @loldoxbin