JoJo Camp Trial Set For December 2nd

JoJo got caught with his pants down.

Mr Camp had a court hearing on Wednesday, August 26th. Everyone was so disappointed he didn’t show up but I guess he’s been busy with his job at Walmart. It’s hard to get time off, somebody has to bag those groceries.

Now KO is one of JoJo’s victims but she’s also a seasoned attorney in Florida. In a brilliant, but risky, move KO filed a motion to have JoJo deemed as having been served and subject to the jurisdiction of the court. Her motion was based on JoJo’s actions, such as JoJo’s continued threats of harm against her, his going to the effort of obtaining the court papers she filed against him and posting them on the ViaViewFiles website. And there was that death threat made against the Special Process server. Using case law and established precedent, KO argued that JoJo’s actions and publishing the subpoena online showed he was aware of the subpoena and subject to the court’s jurisdiction.

The judge agreed with KO so now JoJo is will be going to trial. The issue involved is that KO has a permanent restraining order against JoJo which he continues to ignore. His violations of that restraining order are so numerous I’ve lost count, it’s gotta be well over a thousand violations now.

The trial will be December 2nd. If JoJo doesn’t show, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Even though JoJo was a no show, KO and I had a great time at the hearing.

Kirsten reserved a special section for JoJo and his legal team. I made JoJo’s favorite snack: Hello Kitty cookies! JoJo loves Hello Kitty!