JoJo Claims He Is Stupid

Below is JoJo’s response to the court hearing held in Florida last Wednesday. He labeled his pdf file a “practice response”. The segments in bold are taken from his victim’s court complaint, JoJo’s responses to his victim are in normal font
JoJo hasn’t yet comprehended what a permanent restraining order is. Attempts by the person who filed the restraining order to “silence” him is pretty much the whole idea of a restraining order. Yet he continues to harass, stalk, hack, call and email the victim.

I love where he refers to Mike Arpey as a recruiter for ISIS. Apparently JoJo has government inside sources. Really epic is this: 

“So what I got arrested a few times. I have been investigated for everything from bank robbery to questioned for murder due to my arrest record.  It doesn’t mean I am guilty of anything” 

Now maybe being arrested a few times is no big deal to JoJo but that’s never happened to me. And I’ve never been investigated for bank robbery or questioned for murder. Not once. Ever. Neither has anyone I know. 

For that matter I’ve never been in prison either nor do I know anyone with a felony conviction for hacking. Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone with a Restraining Order against them either. And I’ve never, ever, ever, heard of anyone that had the US Government issue a Restraining Order against them. 

But that’s just me, maybe I live a sheltered life.

The statements made by the victim show a disturbing history of intimidation, harassment and hacking by JoJo. His replies here are troubling, he intends his motion to go to the court yet refers to that court as ridiculous and stupid, then tells the court it doesn’t understand jurisdiction…this from a man who couldn’t finish college because he was put in prison for hacking the university computers. And got caught.

The one statement by JoJo that I know to be the truth is where he says “I am stupid”.

Names of the victim and her 7 year old child are redacted: