The Integrity Of BadBitcoinOrg; March, 2015

The following Twitter timeline took place a month after the SEC announced it was investigating GAWMiners yet BadBitcoin still insists that GAWMiners is being maligned, the victim of a hate campaign. 

BadBitcoinOrg is a website and Twitter account that warns the public about cryptocurrency scams and ponzi schemes. The owner of the website had a small disclaimer on its website that could be found by scrolling to the bottom of the home page: 

But they weren’t quite honest about just how much money was invested in Paycoin and GAWMiners.

The statement mentioned in the first tweet by BadBitcoinorg is this one which has since been deleted.‏@Badbitcoinorg

@WoWGava Just so there is no ambiguity, I’ve published a statement here.

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai Mar 25

.@Badbitcoinorg @WoWGava That statement is ambiguous…Ignore that gorilla in the room cuz only mean people can see it.

Dead Agent ‏@asherahresearch Mar 25

@ZiLeOHai I see he’s taken out the bit where he’s got money sunk in it. lol @WoWGava

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai Mar 25

@asherahresearch @WoWGava yeah, he kinda skimped on that “personal and private holdings” part

Gabriel (Gava) ‏@WoWGava Mar 24

@Badbitcoinorg One simple question, why do you think so many people are opposed/upset about GAW and Paycoin? ‏@Badbitcoinorg Mar 25

@WoWGava Perhaps they should address their anger toward the people rabidly intent on destroying their investment – this cult of GAW haters.

Gabriel (Gava) ‏@WoWGava Mar 25

@Badbitcoinorg You completely avoided the question. Thanks though, you’re another mouthpiece of GAW. Nice ambiguous statement though (1/2)

Gabriel (Gava) ‏@WoWGava Mar 25

@Badbitcoinorg For when the SEC investigation finally completes, at least you’ll be covered and your site will be credible again… I’m sure ‏@Badbitcoinorg Mar 25

@WoWGava You must take this up with the Police if you feel you have conclusive evidence of fraud. Not us. Go on I challenge you.

Gabriel (Gava) ‏@WoWGava Mar 25

@Badbitcoinorg REALLY? The SEC had already reached out to close sources I personally know. Sorry if that’s so “ambiguous” but I can’t (1/2) ‏@Badbitcoinorg Mar 25

@WoWGava The bottom line is, this hate campaign is the villain, not @gawceo who is not officially accused of anything. It’s orchestrated.


@Badbitcoinorg @WoWGava If I advertise with , does that mean I get to be a scam and you won’t call me out? Seems to be


@Badbitcoinorg @WoWGava 1 more question. If GAW proves to be a scam, will you list yourselves on your site as a scam site? for supporting?


@Badbitcoinorg @WoWGava Interesting response. Illegally acquired emails. Hmmmm…they were hosted on a public google drive. Illegal? Nope.

el rebelde ‏@elrebelde4 Mar 24

@Badbitcoinorg @WoWGava there’s dozens of very good reasons of why there’s so many Garza detractors, he earned it.