JoJo’s Unredacted Email To the Judge

Parts of JoJo’s letter to the Santa Clara judge presiding over the ViaView lawsuit against Thomas Retzlaff were posted here. The letter hadn’t been sent yet, according to JoJo, so parts were redacted after JoJo threatened to file a DMCA complaint.  

The letter has since been sent to God and country as well as Judge Manoukian, who was not amused.  

The complete email is below. You almost feel embarassed for JoJo.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Sir,

My name is Joseph A. Camp, I am 30 years old. Have never been to California, and not a party to this case. I am poor and therefore can not afford to print and send this letter motion to stay the aforementioned matter. I am therefore moving this Court via e-mail with witnesses, to stay the matter until all parties and possible victims can be properly heard. For the reasons herein addressed, and in my attached exhibits, I am also asking that this Honorable Court recuse itself from all future matters concerning this case.

In addition to the reasons explained in my writ of mandate attached, I am asking that this court immediately stay and dismiss this matter. In the alternative I am asking that this Court recuse itself for biased as demonstrated below.

I am writing to ask that you please stay the proceedings in the matter of Viaview, Inc. v. Thomas Retzlaff in the interests of the First Amendment protected speech of anonymous speech.

I also would invite you to visit the offending page that you are about to censor without the biased set forth below at You can also reach it at

I have been following the matter for a long time, in fact, even though I am not a party to the matter, Plaintiff’s attorney Jason Jay Leiderman attempted to hold me in contempt of the TRO issued in it.

For the reasons explained in the Writ of Mandamus attached, I am going to be seeking to have the Order that you issued REQUIRING the personal appearance of Thomas Retzlaff on Feb. 2nd, 2015. I also intend to call you as a witness in the matter as you are clearly biased against online internet free speech based on the numerous amounts of content against you online I can only assume that you don’t like the fact that people can post stuff online.

Attached are some examples that you are no doubt aware of (I am only attaching a few). I also like,,, The last one very interestingly describes you as:

“Homophobic Racist Santa Clara University Law Professor / Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian

Power in the wrong hands is just as deadly as a gun. Fact is far too often, criminals make their way into positions of power. They victimize almost everyone they encounter. People going to them for justice end up being victimized. Meet Santa Clara County Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian. Who also by the way is a professor at the Santa Clara University in California. Judge Manoukian has a history of abuse and a long list of victims. – See more at:”

Next I have found that you were the target of the Criminal hacking group “Anonymous” ( As the self professed attorney for “Anonymous” and the individual who actively FUNDS their criminal activities being Plaintiff’s attorney Jason Jay Leiderman, and James McGibney (plaintiff). It may be possible that you are getting some gratuities from this case, that is that you are getting the removal of content from the internet posted by members of this CRIMINAL TERRORISTIC HACKING ORGANIZATION! Did you know that the DailyMotion is ran in part by Jason Leiderman’s Anonymous friend: Just thought I would point out that conflict of interests.

Now, people don’t go to the lengths that they did with exposing you as actively encourage the sex trafficking of minors, and cover up for crime families, ect. without good reason. You have even more negative online exposure than James McGibney, Jason Leiderman and their supporters COMBINED! Based on your recent ORDER in favor of yet MORE criminal activities I can deduce that you are indeed GUILTY of the accusations made by these other individuals. After all you are encouraging a currupted REVENGE PORN organization by exposing the anonymous speech of the commenter on the WordPress, formerly the

I am putting you on notice that you are going to be called as a witness, and that each of your alleged victims have been contacted to assist in this matter. I intend to move your Court as a non-party to dismiss the matter in the interests of the first amendment and protected speech. I am also preparing a letter signed by all of your alleged victims to the United States Department of Justice asking that they also investigate you for any possible kickbacks that you have received as a result of your rulings. Specifically from Jason Jay Leiderman and James McGibney.

You have been overruled time and again one example is COURT OF APPEAL OF CALIFORNIA, SIXTH APPELLATE DISTRICT 159 Cal. App. 4th 1154; 72 Cal. Rptr. 3d 231; 2008 Cal. App. LEXIS 180; 36 Media L. Rep. 1321 February 6, 2008, Filed, Superior Court of Santa Clara County, No. CV059796, Socrates Peter Manoukian, Judge. Others can follow if you like. In fact, your own WIFE Bamattre-Manoukian, overruled your decisions on numerous occasions.

The fact is, if Google results are to believed then you are a corrupted Judge and a human trafficker, a man who gets kickbacks from those with deep pockets. You, being a target of “Anonymous” also places you squarely in the realm of biased, and possibly more kickbacks, this time in the form of removing content. There is NO WAY that you can sit on this matter and NOT BE BIASED. After all, a lot of anonymous and Anonymous speech has been directed at you.

Do the right thing Mr. Manoukian and STAY this case, and remove yourself from it, so that an honest non-biased Judge can come in and decide the fate of all the anonymous posters on the wordpress site in question.

You should also note that attached are PDFs of the HIGHLY ILLEGAL PHISHING SCAM site called which mirrors the content of the This ILLEGAL PHISHING SCAM site was used by Plaintiff’s to try to obtain the log-in credentials of the real BVFILES site. Thus we know that Plaintiff approved the content of the site PHISHING SITE. On that site, there are EXACTLY the same articles AGAINST James McGibney. Thus, James McGibney and Viaview, Inc. put the content out themselves and therefore can ‘t be mad when it is duplicated, and quoted on other sites.

You should also note that I am responsible for the content of several of the anonymous Comments on the BVFiles and it’s progeny. Not Thomas Retzlaff. I have my IP logs and will make them available to Mr. Retzlaff’s attorney if you hold him in Contempt.

You should also note that I am responsible for the email Not Thomas Retzlaff.

You should also note that I am responsible for spoofing the e-mail address It’s a simple thing to do… just use Not Thomas Retzlaff.

I would also like to point out that Thomas Retzlaff is not the person who runs the Viaviewfiles, or the BVFiles before it. Therefore, your order, is against Thomas Retzlaff, but punishing an innocent person because James McGibney and Jason Leiderman can hoodwink you into doing so knowing that Mr. Retzlaff is unable to afford the trip to your court, that doesn’t have jurisdiction.

I did all of these things without communicating with Mr. Thomas Retzlaff AT ALL. NEVER ONCE DID I EVER MAKE CONTACT WITH THOMAS RETZLAFF. I WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THOMAS RETZLAFF. I attempted to make contact with him a long time ago when Plaintiff’s were paying me to harass him, but that failed, even though I told the Plaintiff’s that I did.

Finally, attached you will also find examples of the speech that you are protecting by James McGibney and his attorney Jason Jay Leiderman. You will see their defamation and harassment of individuals with autism, opposing counsel, and critics. This is but a small example of many thousands!!! of people who you are supporting with the decision to blame, WITHOUT any proof, on Thomas Retzlaff. You understand that the sole purpose of this is to obtain the information from the VVFiles and use it to further the harassment of innocent people who had the small courage to speak anonymously.

Personally, I will not be silenced, but the many men, women and children that you are exposing after being tricked by James McGibney, and Jason Leiderman and their lawfare harassment (as shown in the PDF of “Ziggy’s” website where on the left hand side there is advertisement for Bullyville with the words “exposing the nutz” and listing several Twitter accounts of Kate Gosslen critics… should not have to be forced to be identified because of a vendetta against one man who they can just blame for everything and therefore, if wrong, oh well. That is corrupted use of the justice system. Something that you seem well familiar with.

You will also find attached Direct Twitter Messages with James McGibney and another individual where they are specifically speaking of framing myself personally. Setting me up and entrapping me. You will also find copies of a letter from the California BAR showing that Jason Jay Leiderman is a liar and a perjurer.

I hope that you have a nice day Mr. Manoukian. Please reply and let me know what you decide with respect to the Feb. 2, 2015 hearing in which you demand the appearance of an innocent man so that he can be further victimized by Jason Leiderman, and James McGibney. I look forward to sharing my story with your other alleged victims. I am BCCing this to 2 other individuals and several of your other alleged victims including Annette Aiassa, Scotty Harris, Francine Stevens, Heidi Yauman, Mark Riordia, Anthony Ailano, Judy Zabella, Diane and Vincent Booth, Predeep Mankanda, Roda Hirannek, Nacy Golin, James Bush, Christina Pruitt, David Morris, George WIlliams and others , as witnesses (I am asking that they not reply).



Joseph A. Camp


Images attached as exhibits:

PDF’s attached as exhibits.

First 13 on Google Drive

Last 5 on Yandex Disk.

(Number 18 is the final version of writ of mandate, which not going to disclose it here…)