Rauhauser Loses

Ohai Jeffrey and Neal!

You lost.  

Whatever the outcome of the Texas lawsuit, whatever amount any sanctions, you lost.

You proved this in that brief for sanctions you submitted to the court on September 4th and then later rescinded. 

I’m no expert on lawyering but I don’t think you’re supposed to whine in documents you submit to the court. You’re supposedly an expert on the First Amendment yet you  were all butthurt over what CattyIdiot wrote in tweets about you and whined about them to the judge. Suck it up big boy, it’s called Freedom of Speech, remember? You’re a public figure like McGibney is and what Catty said about you is no different than what Neal said McGibney. Except Catty made no SWAT threats.

That’s why I will always consider that you lost this case. Your hypocrisy is so wonderfully delicious. Almost as tasty as when Neal called for retaliation against the editor of Coinfire blog for reporting news that Neal didn’t like. That was a special moment. Both of you seem to have issues with freedom of speech when someone else is doing the speaking. But then fighting for freedom of speech is a facade, this lawsuit is a money making venture for Neal and friends.

Jeffrey, it’s a good thing you rescinded that brief, you must have been thinking too much about money so you made a few errors and got a few things twisted. And the redactions! My goodness, considering you have only one client with which you have to maintain attorney/client privilent you sure do have a lot of names crossed out on your list. Hopefully your new brief will have fewer things crossed out, you wouldn’t want people to think you were dishonest.

One of the things you forgot is that Neal was never served for the lawsuit in Texas. It’s customary for a defendant to be served with a subpoena and notice of a lawsuit in order for a lawsuit to begin. Neal’s been in hiding for years, his only real skill, so he never received a subpoena. 

And the lawsuit was cancelled (nonsuited). You state in your brief that was in response to Neal filing his suit. That’s silly. The possibility of a countersuit being filed is pretty much a given possibility anytime a lawsuit is filed. And if you check your bill of services, you’ll see the request to cancel the lawsuit was made before you’d written Neal’s motion to dismiss the case.

And there’s the perjury. Neal signed a sworn affidavit that he had no dealing with Texas of any kind. Nothing, nada. That’s not true. Neal former business, Progressive PST, had a couple paying clients in Texas. Neal also helped a woman in her campaign to get on a Texas school board. Plus Neal has both friends and relatives in Texas. His affidavit was pure perjury.

Speaking of perjury, that bill of services you submitted was quite a piece of work. Of course it’s wonderful of you to represent Neal Rauhauser on a contingency basis. Neal is indigent, hasn’t worked an actual job in a decade and has a long standing child support debt of over $60,000. His whereabouts have been unknown for years, he has no drivers license and no bank account. Yet you saw it in your heart to take him on as a client on a contingency basis. Ordinarily you charge $325 an hour but for contingency clients you add $225. Per hour. You’re charging $550 per hour and you refer to this as reasonable fees. I bet you giggled every time you typed “reasonable fees” in that brief.

Things must be awfully slow at your lawfirm, Hanszen Laporte. Not only did you dedicate time to a lawsuit that wasn’t bringing in fees you added a second attorney. Both of you billing $550 dollars an hour! Plus two paralegals also working on the case, one billing $185 an hour and the other $130 an hour. My goodness! It’s a shame Hanszen Laporte doesn’t have real cases to work on. 

A major error I noticed is that while you made a point to mention that Thomas Retzlaff is not your client you didn’t list his work in your list of billable hours. Thomas has stated several times that Jeffrey Dorrell is his lawyer, that he’s working on the case in Texas and that he stands to get money out of the outcome. I think in the interest of transparency and honesty all the work Tommy has done on the lawsuit in Texas should be noted so he gets proper credit for his efforts.

I have a feeling this lawsuit will continue on for awhile but in my mind, you guys lost.