It’s amazing! Last year I was so sad to hear that MissAnonNews was not only extremely disabled, but also unable to speak. Because of this, she was unable to appear in court. And then Neal announced that his cat ate MissAnonNews had died.

I guess Neal forgot his lie was misinformed.  MissAnonNews is alive and well; and as Neal has said before, she lives in Boston (wink), not far from CattyIdiot (wink wink).

In the post from VVF blahg, Neal is gaslighting. MissAnonNews never appeared to have a conflict with serial stalker, Tommy Retzlaff. She actually showed him her support and commissioned a special graphic for Tommy’s blog using a account that belonged to Melissa Brewer.

MissAnonNews and OccupyRebellion were considered to be group accounts started by Neal Rauhauser. This became plausible when MissAnonNews was ordered to appear in court and responded with a motion to quash which looked like it was written by Neal’s lawyer…  

As for the Twitter account that “posted menacing stuff about the street corner in Buffalo, NY”? The operator of that account was identified long ago. The alleged threat was just a clumsily worded rant, she was actually threatening to file an FBI complaint with the Buffalo FBI

This did get internet trolls, RJ Sterling and Matt Osborne, visits from the FBI since they were in the Twitter thread when the “threat” was made, not because of their association with Rauhauser. This is the first time any mention has been made that Neal was involved, which is drivel.

Neal has a history of egging on vulnerable individuals and a history of tortious interference, which began back when he lived in Massachusetts.

Anyway, thanks Neal for letting us know that MissAnonNews has resurrected