Take The MissAnonNews Tweet Challenge!

It’s been believed for years that Twitter accounts OccupyRebellion and MissAnonNews were group accounts operated by several individuals including the anonymous porn blogger known as Darrah Ford and Neal Rauhauser.

See if you can figure out which tweets belong to @OccupyRebellion, @MissAnonNews, @DarrahFord and @CatsrImportant

1.  Pick up the phone and call me Bullyville! or have you finally figured it out asshole that you’ve been fed a faildox by right-wing bloggers?

2.  They’re after me because I call out Bullyville’s bullshit targeting me over Kate Gosselin.

3.  You’re all going to prison and you’re all going to lose every dime in lawsuits. Burn in hell bitch!

4. Any friend of James is allowed to rape whoever they like. If you don’t feed James’ ego, he will threaten to kill your entire family.

5.  HALP MEH, HALP MEH. Don’t release my kids’ pictures. But Imma go stalk women over REALITY TV. HALP MEH, HALP MEH. *rolls eyes*

6.  Kate and BV put a fed target on anons by doing this. If one anon gets arrested, then all their anon friends risk it too.

7.  Bullyville’s whore wife Christina Marie is knocked up again with another child exposing the child to her predator husband. #Anonymous

8.  What legal entity is issuing subpoenas for a website that talks shit about @Bullyville?

9.  Well back into my cave for now. Just wanted to come out and say you’re a fucking bitch.

10.  who has wut? not me? it’s Neal’s fault or Shoq or Trina or Matt or or it’s just ——->assrage


12.  Bullyville is very butthurted. He plots his revenge towards 20 defendants mercilessly, hoping to sue them all to death.

13.  James McGibney is a #whiteknight hero forever!!! A superspecial superpowered manly man!! So skeered I crap myself.

14.  I’m being treated like I’m a criminal. Well whatever. Same old game and nothing new.

15.  JayLeidermanLaw thinks about how can hang out with washed up reality sluts by sucking BV’s balls.

16.  So don’t fucking bitch me out for having an opinion when all I’ve done for three decades is keep quiet.

17.  All the pastes on pastebin were obviously written by Neal Rauhauser. I’m glad we cleared that up.

18.  Who will win censorious asshat for 2013? Between @Bullyville @JayLeidermanLaw John Morgan and @JosephACamp? Who wins regular asshat?

19.  I love when people want people to think they’re important and start saying they’ve talked to the FBI and they’re after me now

20.  You weren’t raped, bitch. It was just rough sex. Rough around the edges, right???

The answers are below the graphic

1. MissAnonNews

2. OccupyRebellion

3. OccupyRebellion

4. MissAnonNews

5. MissAnonNews_

6. OccupyRebellion

7. MissAnonNews

8. JohnDoe10999

9. DarrahFord

10. Catsrimportant 

11. MissAnonNews

12. JohnDoe10999

13. JohnDoe10999

14. MissAnonNews

15. JohnDoe10999

16. DarrahFord

17. Catsrimportant

18. JohnDoe10999

19. DarrahFord

20. OccupyRebellion