Retzlaff Stolen Valor Confirmed

ViaView recently received documents confirming that Tom Retzlaff’s military claims are lies. While he did briefly serve as an MP, he was discharged from the Army after 8 years as a Private. And it was not an honorable discharge. Not surprisingly, Tommy was forced to leave in part due to a stalking incident.

Tom is a career criminal yet seems to have a fascination with the military and law enforcement. Besides falsely claiming to have served and wounded overseas, Retzlaff has impersonated a lawyer and an FBI agent. He actually dressed up in an Army uniform covered with medals he didn’t earn and, with a bogus war record and fake resume, was admitted into college. He also did this to get a job with a law firm… as a lawyer.  Retzlaff has no legal education or license to practice law.

The LinkedIn profile below has been verified as belonging to Thomas C Retzlaff. It’s all lies. The screen capture below that is for Tommy’s “company” which claims to do work for the Federal government and for numerous companies. Also lies. His holding company consists of a PO box and a bank account. He uses the company to make purchases, like his car, so he can avoid using his name.

Tom Retzlaff’s contempt of court hearing is September 24th. It’s doubtful he’ll have the courage to show up but sooner or later the law, in real uniforms and real handcuffs, will catch up to him.

You can get more info on Retzlaff and other villains at Bullyville

RTC Holding

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