MissAnonNews Emails With Jay Leiderman

The lovely Miss Amelia Sanaka, her cat Ginger and Jay Leiderman
After being named a defendant in the ViaView lawsuit, MissAnonNews wrote emails to attorney, Jay Leiderman to explain she would be unable to appear in court.  It seems MissAnonNews who called herself Amelia Sanaka (I wonder why she didn’t use her old name Selene?)  was severly disabled and unable to speak by phone. 

The judge ordered “Amelia” aka MissAnonNews to show up in court in person. But she couldn’t do that because she died. Neal said so. 

Don’t be sad though, her death wasn’t one of those RIP forever, funeral and flowers types of deaths. Hers was just a temporary death… you know…like a vacation.  It was Neal Rauhauser who announced MissAnonNews was dead and Neal who says she’s now alive.

Anons have all teh speshul powers.