Sue Basko and The Jester

Sue Basko wrote an article on her Subliminal Ridge blog called Biggest Online Security Factor where she claimed she knew the identify of The Jester. This resulted in the conversation below. 

The article has since been deleted. 

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r As lawyers, we know many things we cannot speak of, many of which would be a good scoop.

@pacempacem Presumably as a lawyer, it’s customary to substantiate your claims. As I’m not one, but a just techie. I don’t know. /@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r That blog is not legal work, just fun writing. I would not out his online persona.

@pacempacem That I understand. But it begs the question why ellude to it in such a provocative, egotictical & supercilious way? .@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r It is a fun blog post that makes a few points. It is not a required text.. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

@pacempacem Point(s) taken. And, if you don’t like my posts / responses I respectfully suggest you do the same. /@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r In geocaching, those who find the cache put it back undisturbed for others to have fun finding. Understand?

@pacempacem Certainly not as a lawyer I’m not, but as a techie of 32+ years, yes, I understand geocaching? /@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r But no, you abusively calling me “cukoo” does not result in me telling. It just makes me know you are abusive.

@pacempacem I can assure you, had I wanted to be abusive, and I didn’t intend to be, cukoo would not be my phrase of choice. /@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r If this is an apology, it is accepted.

@pacempacem In the event I owe you an apology it is forthcoming unreservedly. However, We I feel must agree to disagree. /@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r The point of the essay is that we need not blab everything we know and doing so harms security.

@pacempacem Blab facts then substantiate them. Or don’t and lose all ‘bloging’ journalistic integrity. IMO /@th3j35t3r

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r The facts I told are that I was easily able to learn identity through clues. The topic got your interest. But…

@pacempacem Sing it w/ me Susan! ♫”My milkshake brings all the resume-inflating middle age crackpots to my yard.”♫ >>

@JamesBliss @suebasko @th3j35t3r No, it would just ruin his fun and his mission.

@pacempacem I don’t want 2ruin @th3j35t3r‘s fun, good work, ent’mnt. Bt many have claimed. None have yet proven #cucko until proof @suebasko

@JamesBliss @th3j35t3r The point of the essay is not telling all you know, even if it might result in short lived fun.

@JamesBliss Example of @th3j35t3r was used because it is inconsequential and fun.

@pacempacem To reiterate, thats not my handle. Also ppl are tired of u. Exhibit A:  Exhibit B:
@pacempacem Sue. U hereby have my full permission as witnessed by almost 70K ppl to drop my ‘true ID’ w/out fear of legal ramifications. Go.

@th3j35t3r @pacempacem Best tweet ever! Omg! Lmao!

@FKA_Erin @pacempacem Notice she is not forthcoming. I know who DB Cooper is, but ur just gonna have to trust me, cuz ya know.. ‘lawyer’ lol