Rauhauser As KidKenoma Talks About Steubenville; April, 2014

“FBI offered me a job”


.@DericLostutter If anything needs to be done in Steubenville, and I do mean IF, why would ANYONE listen to you? FBI raid = likely flipped.

@KidKenoma Shouldn’t this motherfucker be looking for a JOB?@DericLostutter

.@BSfromPS FBI offered me a job running messy ops to round up activists back in 2012. I declined. Maybe he’s already employed?

@KidKenoma Based on his skillz and begging, they aren’t paying him much.

@BSfromPS Times are hard, I’ve been beyond poor. I don’t judge those who need a hand. This is a little different.

@KidKenoma I get that and agree, but this child has been begging for a solid year. Ops don’t get any messier than his.

@BSfromPS There was great injustice in Steubenville. The clinging and fame fagging after the job is done is distasteful.

@KidKenoma Anyone with a single functioning brain cell should know to stay away from him and his “ops”.

@KidKenoma He didn’t do anything to help. All the “work” was done by others. He’s simply taking credit.

@KidKenoma @DericLostutter Did u see @Judicious1_ screen shots of the horrible thing he once said abt women? Misogyny is a kind word 4 him

@BSfromPS I’ve taken credit for things others have done. Lightning rod duty for me, kept eyes off those trying to work.

@BSfromPS This IS his job. Profiteering off underage girls is hard work.@Phantonym @KidKenoma @DericLostutter

@KidKenoma Did you put your hand out for a quick buck when you were finished?

@BSfromPS Nah, I got called a snitch and I finally dropped out for 18 months and waited out the heat.

@stalkermlm Clearly he’s not that well versed or he wouldn’t beg for change.@Phantonym @KidKenoma @DericLostutter

@KidKenoma Smart move. Nice that you came back.

@BSfromPS I got dragged back by some famefag. I think he’s begun to regret it though.

@KidKenoma Regret the famewhoring? I don’t think so; he’s too narcissistic to be concerned with how he’s perceived.

@BSfromPS I haven’t paid enough attention to him to have much of an opinion on details like that.

@BSfromPS The whole Steubenville thing was just a circus. Should have been a quick, totally anon hit, then run for cover.