GAWMiner Lawsuit Has New Website

The lawsuit against Josh Garza and GAWMiners is moving slowly but surely. Those organizing the effort recently changed lawyers due to the sheer volume of plaintiffs and complaints. They also have a new website, dedicated to handling defendent’s claims.

As I’ve said before, GAWMiners was probably one of the largest ponzi scams ever, perhaps not in terms of money but in victims. Those currently involved in the lawsuit hail from 49 countries across all seven continents with millions of dollars involved.  Some investors lost their life savings, some lost their jobs and some lost their homes.

With so much data coming in from claimants in the suit, information is also being provided to the FBI, SEC and FTC to aid in their investigations.

The date on this email is January 24th, 2015, Josh’s actions after that date were not so much to advance the company but to create an exit strategy and cover his ass.