Oops! MissAnonNews Tries To Hack Me

Ohai Peeples!

I was ever so surprised to receive an email from a website called LastPass yesterday afternoon. LastPass was notifying me that my Adobe account was one of the millions leaked when Adobe was hacked last month. 

I was very very shocked! I hadn’t heard that Adobe was hacked and didn’t even remember having an Adobe account! According to LastPass someone, not me but allegedly a human, had used my email addess to verify that my account credentials were leaked. Golly!

I guess someone was concerned that my address, credit card and bank info might be posted somewhere so they thought they’d check for me. That was very kind. I wanted to thank them but didn’t know who this person was.

Fortunately LastPass captures the IP address of anyone who enters an email address on their site. And they include that IP address in their email alert in little tiny print at the very bottom. 

I guess LastPast includes the IP address in case some nefarious villain is trying to steal credit card info and stuff.

The IP address geolocates to NW 5th St and NW Galladin in Washington, DC.

Seeing that map reminded me of a different map I have that came from the GoSocialNow account on fiverr.com.  

The GoSocialNow account is the fiverr account owned by Melissa Brewer.  She actually lives 2 blocks away from where the pointer is but fiverr also uses IP addresses to map their members so they get close but not exact.   

Anyway, I’d like to thank you, Melissa, for letting me know my Adobe account info had been leaked. I don’t think you had time to see any of it but if there’s anything you want to know, just ask and I’ll mail it to you since I have your address.

Really Melissa, if you’re going to try and hack someone you should probably use Tor or something.