What A Shocker, Retzlaff Is Homophobic, 2007

The comment below was made by Tom Retzlaff in 2007 in response to an article about Tim Hardway and statements he made about Gays. Hardaway later had a change of heart and his was the first signature on a 2013 petition to overturn the ban on gay marriage in Florida. Tom, of course, is still an asshole.

Actually Retzlaff’s statement isn’t true, he’s never had a real business so he hasn’t had any employees to fire for any reason.

Original link via wayback machine is here

-I totally support that Tim had to say because I feel the same way myself. Over the years I have fired four people that have worked for me because I found out that they were gay. Homosexuality is completely and totally UNACCEPTABLE! — Tom Retzlaff, San Antonio, Texas (Straight)