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Taking Out DeRay

Zena shows up once again to champion her favorite conspiracies. Mo Foi Chen holds her own in an insane conversation that includes someone offering to kill activist DeRay McKesson.But hey, they’re patriots so it’s okay. Pro Tip on Racism #1: If you refer to an ethnic group or race as “They”, that’s called racismPro Tip On Rioting #1: Riots have nothing

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A Conversation With AllSquareCat

Now see, the problem with getting your information from court adjudicated sociopaths like JoJo and Neal is that they are both court adjudicated sociopaths and there’s a reason why they’re court adjudicated sociopaths…like sometimes they don’t tell the truth.No Social Security Files were accessed, no federal access was abused. It’s typical of Neal to make allegations in the background to

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A List Of JoJo Socks And Bots

This is probably only a partial list. JoJo, ex-con and hacker, prides himself on his mastery of Twitter. Because that’s his most accomplished life skill. @pinkypuffgirlz => 2894111401 @kjhgfdfghjklkmj => 2372046738 @laranjeiratuga => 2258828297 @mycoolnewegg => 1508358122 @egg4now => 3037054716 (SHARED WITH Jennifer Martinez, aka “Boo”, at some point) @kirstenolsonip => 603225928 @traceyglass => 532083405 @bullyville26 => 300010162 @bullyvillewatch => 1480504460

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SCAM Alert PART 6; Was Missoula Community Access Television Scammed?

At least money wasn’t exchanged but it looks like WE Political Consulting found a recruit in Montana who in turn involved Missoula Community Access Television in WE’s political pyramid scheme. WE was awarded “up to 12 hours of MCAT staff time and all the television equipment needed” to produce a program to be broadcast on community TV.I’d be willing to

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SCAM ALERT PART 5: MrMilitantNegro and We Political Consulting

How strange!I noticed that @MrNegroMilitant, formerly @MrMilitantNegro, had some interactions with the scam site I assumed he’d been recruited and bilked out of money like the other people involved with that site and the We Are America Campaign I thought I’d ask and find out.My goodness!Jueseppi’s response was very rude.  Certainly not what one would expect from someone who’d

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